Is Hair Dye Safe For Your Hair and Skin?

man at barber shop paint to dye his hair

This is what hair dye does to your hairs and skin

You may be regularly applying hair dye, but not aware of its side effects on your scalp skin. According to hair & medical experts, you should not use harsh chemicals as it will only damage your skin & hair. Being chemical laden, these hair dyes are likely to cause irritation to your scalp region and also cause hair thinning. Its long term related health issues are yet to be known.

Harsh chemical cocktail in Hair Dye

men's hair dye damage hair

Melanin a compound that is availed form amino acid tyrosine provides natural color to your hair, eyes and skin. Melanin amount you possess in your body determines your eye, skin and hair color. However, hair dyes are known to use several chemicals for hair color alternation. Often, it contains lead acetates, ammonia, PPDA (paraphenylenediamine) and hydrogen peroxide. The common allergen PPDA is used in most expensive and cheap hair dyes.

Very harsh chemicals are used in permanent hair dyes for hair color alteration. However, worrisome chemicals like PPDA are found in semi-permanent dyes. Hence, it becomes necessary to first go through the ingredients mentioned in the label prior to using it.

Signs of problems arising from using the dye

damage done by hair dye man

As you apply color on your hair, you need to watch for problematic signs that might emerge. Scalp irritation, redness, scaling, itching, blisters or flaking should be treated with great concern. In case of severe symptoms that last for over 2 days, you need to contact a qualified dermatologist immediately.

Applying hair dyes may also cause less medically significant problems, which you need to be aware of. It might tint your scalp skin for few days, thus causing you lots of embarrassment. Products which lighten or bleach hair color is likely to strip away your hair fibers’ protective coating. It results in weaker and thinner hair shaft, thus causing further irreparable damage. Frequent usage of such lightening and bleaching formulations will only make your hair to appear lifeless and limp, thus resulting in extreme hair loss.

Hence, when using hair dyes, you need to take adequate precautions and choose products that are made from organic ingredients and completely safe for your scalp skin and overall health.


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