Latest Business Casual Dressing Trends for Men – Cool Office Dressing Guide for Men 2018


Best Office Clothing Trends for Men 2019

Office-wear is one of the most important outfit that you need to be very careful about, it defines your personality.

Finding smart casual dressing is hard and tricky, those days are long gone when wearing those long office suits was a thing, today we have thousands of new options to choose from and that is the reason, it’s hard and tricky to choose the perfect outfit.

There are some rules that we need to follow when selecting a casual office outfit.

You need to find something that fits you perfectly. Many people wear clothes which are either too tight for them or too big, sizing is what matters the most. Picture this, a guy wearing a very good looking and expensive suit but it’s a little tight for him that people can see his that little fat from his lower back. So remember this golden rule – fitting is the most important part to dress smart.

Now let’s fill up your business casual dress wardrobe.

Office Shirts

A well-fitted, well-made shirt is always a must! Long and half sleeve button down shirts comes on top when talking about office shirts, now there are variety of different styles added to these shirts, Casual Slim Fit, Cotton Long Sleeve, Printed Dress Shirts are trending office shirts. Checkout the complete guide on trending office shirts for men in 2018.

Slim Fit Printed Cast  men's shirt

Slim Fit Printed Cast

Pocket Slim Fit


Printed Short Sleeve


men's fashion trends 2019
men’s fashion trends 2019

Chinos are awesome, they gives you that awesome smart look. There was a time when chinos were not acceptable in offices, but now they have changes chinos into one of the most wearing bottoms in business casual outfits.

According to The Trend Spotter, black, navy, khaki and beige are recommended. These colors are super adaptable and will also be great investments even for your personal wardrobe choices.

They look quite professional for the office, so you won’t feel totally under dressed. You can dress them up and also dress them down. Also, make sure your chinos are a slimmer fit and aren’t too long or too short.

We have picked some of the most trending chinos for office wear in 2018.

men's pocket chino pants 2019

Pocket Chino Pants

trendy men's slim fit chino

Slim Fit Wrinkle Free

straight fit wrinkle chino for men

Straight Fit-Wrinkle


Business Casual Shoes

business casual shoes for men
business casual shoes for men

Shoes adds that extra sharpness to our overall outfits. When it comes to casual office shoes, black and brown are two winners, you will find most of people wearing them, because they goes along with almost any color of pants and shirts.

Stylish Office Shoes for Men in 2019

Office outfit is not completed without some good looking professional office shoes.

You have to be extra careful when choosing the right pair of shoes for your office clothing. It’s all about the right color and design match.

Now let’s checkout some of the best selling office shoes for men in 2019.

Heritage Men's Weekender shoes 2019
Heritage Men’s Weekender


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