Latest Denim Jeans Styles and Trends For Men This Year

20 Best jeans for men that are trending in 2019

20 Best jeans for men that are trending in 2019

It can be tough to search for the right pair of jeans. However, if you the right ones, these can end up to be the best part of your wardrobe. Those who know much about jeans, such as fashion writers, retailers, designers and stylists, have a lot to recommend to men who love jeans and would like to be in them all day long. Know about some of the most trending jeans for men in the year 2019.

Tapered Jeans by Alexander McQueen

Tapered Jeans by Alexander McQueen

It has been created out of denim patches, and is cropped in a skilful way to reveal the sports socks that you wear beneath the jeans.

The small details here make a lot of difference.

A.P.C. Petit Standard

A.P.C. Petit Standard jeans men

This type of jeans is minimalist in design, and is composed of selvedge denim. These are affordable to buy and are a fit for casual settings. You can get a comfortable and basic pair of jeans in slim-cut design. It has a reasonable price tag. There is saffron stitching highlight, and the A.P.C jeans are available in a light-blue shade – stonewashed as they are. This type of jeans is more casual in form.

Diesel Buster Tapered Jeans

Diesel Buster Tapered Jeans men

It is from the brand Diesel, and this pair of ultra-soft jeans comes with a traditional design. It is comfortable to wear, and is made of stretch cotton. These types of jeans are a classic option for any type of occasion. It has a standard waist and a tapered slimming leg that is perfect for varied body shapes. It has a regular, classic 5-pocket silhouette that boasts of a V shape yoke. Its back patch has the iconic coin brave head, and there are slanted back pockets and tonal stitching. It is ideal for smart casual and relaxed dressing.

Reiss jet slim jeans ‘Stay Black’

Reiss jet slim jeans 'Stay Black' jeans men

These are black colored jeans that retain their color despite many washes. This pair of jeans does not fade. It is an evergreen classic that is made of stretch denim and can be worn with everything. It is made with stay-black technology, and the jeans come from the brand Reiss and are designed to retain their color even after a lot of washes. This pair of jeans stands for flexibility and comfort, and has a slim fit that neatly rests on the ankle. Belt loops finish them. There is metal hardware for classic styling, and 5 pockets in all.

Tapered Jeans by Tommy Hilfiger

Tapered Jeans by Tommy Hilfiger

In case you happen to be skinny, and wish to embrace an old look without being overcome in too much denim, this mid-washed pair with a slimmer tapered fit from the brand Tommy Hilfiger can be worth buying.

Relaxed fit denim jeans by Zara

Relaxed fit denim jeans by Zara

You are going to love this if you are fond of white sneakers, particularly those that are chunkier in form. These pairs have a slouch-fit and are on a little darker end of the jeans’ mid-blue spectrum.

Slim-fit jeans by Brunello Cucinelli

Slim-fit jeans by Brunello Cucinelli

This is reflective of smart-casual, and this lightly washed blue colored jeans is one of the sleekest offerings available today. You will love the trim cut, which makes this an intelligent choice to wear with dark brown lace-ups and a blue blazer.

Slim-fit jeans by Frame

Slim-fit jeans by Frame

The pair is from the brand Frame, and has a straight, slim leg. The waist is a little higher up, which makes the pair a smart choice for people who are not really fond of low-slung jeans.

Polo Ralph Lauren Sullivan Slim Stretch Jeans

Polo Ralph Lauren Sullivan Slim Stretch Jeans

It is traditional slim fit jeans having a laidback, worn-in appearance. This is timeless and hand-sanded, and comes from the brand Polo Ralph Lauren. You can get legs with a classic slim fit. This pair of jeans is hand-sanded and composed of cotton that is grown in the U.S, which lends it a worn-out-with-time look. It has classic 5 pockets. You can pair this pair of jeans with anything – whether it comes to casual graphic tees or chunky knitwear.

Faded jeans by Ami

Faded jeans by Ami

This is a light blue, cropped carrot-cut jeans from Ami, the renowned Persian brand. It looks amazing with kicks and a black hoodie, and can be paired with darker outfits very well.

Levi’s 501 Original

Levi's 501 Original men's jeans

This should be in the closet of every man. It has an iconic appearance and comes in ‘Dadcore’ style. The jeans offer great bang for the bucks, and can last for a really long time. In case you have never owned a pair of these jeans, it is about time that you go for them. The pair has been an icon for many decades, with its standard fit and non-stretch denim composition. The simple 5-pocket silhouette and a little tapered leg opening would be appreciated by your old man. This can be your pair of jeans in case you are looking for lots of comfort, simplicity and a competitive price tag.

ALLSAINTS Carter Straight Leg Jeans

ALLSAINTS Carter Straight Leg men's Jeans

This is a basic pair of straight leg jeans that has a straight cut. It is made of soft stretch denim that is of the versatile black color. It has a leather waistband tab and consists of five pockets, a button fly and a mid rise. It boasts of a soft rinse finish.

Duer Performance Denim Slim

Duer Performance Denim Slim Men's Jeans

Gary Lennett has designed this jean, which is aimed at people who love to cycle in jeans. This is the performance denim jeans that has stretch fibers for free motion as well as Coolmax that can keep everything dry and cool.

This pair of jeans has a gusset for more freedom of motion, which makes them appropriate for morning cycling sessions. The dark wash nicely blends in with the early morning hours. You can get this slim fit in 7 varied washes, ranging between pale and dark black. It is ideal to wear during the spring and summer months.

Stio Men’s Rivet Jean

It comes from the outdoor brand Stio, which makes men’s clothes that are comfier to wear during mountainous treks rather than in offices. However, this pair bucks the trend and can be a part of the casual workplace wardrobe of any man out there. A gusseted inseam and a small amount of stretch allow a complete range of movement, which makes it the right choice for rock-climbing and also to surpass the expectations of customers.

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Lucky Brand 410 Athletic Slim Tencel Jean

These offer a more athletic fit, and are made of Tencel blend denim which makes it feel softer and lighter right from the time you break it.

Tencel is a cellulose fiber that is eco-friendly and is skin-friendly as well. You can pair these with the T-shirts of your choice, for more casual purposes. Or you may wear them along with a white line shirt to go out for a date in an open-sky dining ambience during evening in summers.

Heritage Courage Straight Leg in Safe Soft Touch

Heritage Courage Straight Leg in Safe Soft Touch jeans men

This was invented by the brand Heritage for boss-wear. You can find these in various silhouettes. Any man can easily find a pair that can complement his body size and shape. This brand concentrates on bringing out jeans made of fabrics that are wonderful to feel, and come in colors that are as ideal for dining at the club as in an office setting while making a sales pitch to new clients. The “Soft Touch” fabric which comes in a stretch, light blend is available with a suggestion of color. You can pair these jeans with a chocolate brown blazer, a plaid button-up shirt, an earthy polo shirt or a lightweight cotton sweater.

DSTLD Skinny Jeans

DSTLD Skinny Jeans for men 2019

It has a “15-year wash” look, and is really a skinny fit. These have sufficient stretch which makes them comfortable. When you wear this pair, you will obviously look years younger than how old you now are.

Raleigh Denim Alexander Stretch

Raleigh Denim Alexander Stretch jeans

This is a new pair made of denim, and has 22% stretch fiber that ensures comfort. You can get a relaxed fit. While the color black might appear to be antithetical to the style of the summer months, it can always appear crisp and cool when you rock it with a classic white tee or brown, khaki or white linen, to ensure an earthy, desert-worn appearance.

Levi’s Engineered 570 Baggy Taper Jeans

Levi’s Engineered 570 Baggy Taper Jeans

This pair of engineered jeans from the brand Levi’s has been designed to offer an ergonomic fit and freedom of movement. It was launched in 1999, and the collection has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. This classic denim boasts of 4-way stretch denim and has a slightly thicker thigh with a tapered opening for the legs.

Wrangler Icons 11 MWZ Slim Jean

Wrangler Icons 11 MWZ Slim Jean

It is from Wrangler, another iconic denim brand of America. It features the iconic “broken twill denim” silhouette, which means that the diagonal stitching is reversed to create a zig-zag pattern.

It also consists of a deep watch pocket, the iconic rope logo button of Wrangler and tobacco-colored stitching. It rests at the waist, which ensures an old look but there is a slimmer modern look at the bottom.


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