Latest Double Breasted Blazer Trends: Men’s Fashion

best double breasted blazer trends for men 2021

Stunning Double Breasted Blazer Trends for 2021

The double breasted blazer is back one more time! Many times, you will see this fashion trend, come and go. However, this time the double breasted blazer can be used for both work and leisure. The moment the double breasted blazer became a casual dress code, it became a hit amongst men! You are no longer going to see the double breasted blazers only during weddings, or funerals. Instead, you are likely to see this outfit in a daily order. With this being said, here are some stunning double breasted blazer trends for men – 2021.

So, let’s get started.


double breasted baby blue color blazer men

The talk about fashion trends will remain incomplete without the ‘color’. If you are focusing to wear navy, or charcoal shades – you are certainly restricting yourself to an embodiment of formality. Today, these formal shades have evolved into more inspiring options like leaf green, and baby blue.

The Browns!

latest double breasted blazer for men brown styles

The double breasted blazer is also best work in brown. This shade tends to suit all skin tones. Moreover, you can pair the brown with a baby blue tee, and a chambray shirt. Well, these are predictable choices for your brown double breasted blazer. And, if you are planning to pull off a more serious impression – go for darker browns, with a pinch of grey or navy.

Action in Track!

The track action can be described in two different parts. One, the fabric of the double breasted blazer. Two, the functional design of the blazer. The fabric clearly states why the outfit is named as a tracksuit-double breasted blazer. Remember, this style goes beyond norms, and can grab attention easily.

Playing with Proportions

mens new modern double breasted blazer

These are blazers that can showcase the tailor’s passion and artwork. These suits often come in high quality. And, they tend to fit all silhouettes. Why? The blazer is carefully tailored to suit the owner’s body structure.

Let’s Double Up!

old school double breasted blazer men

The double up model is rather a poorly breasted suit for men. A reason behind this would be its association with estate agents, and yuppie salesmen. Yet, you need to understand that this outfit is meant for the sheer class. It can keep all other double breasted blazer styles in languish. After all, there is a reason why this blazer was carried forward by the fashion industry since early 1940s.

The Skinny Fit!

stylish skinny modern double breasted blazer men

Now, this is a rarely found double breasted blazer suit. There were times when the double breasted suit was worn with formal jeans, and tees. However, now you can wear the suit with skinny fit pants. These pants, when paired with the right double breasted blazer can simply work for any occasion. Why? Mainly because the pant does not feature unnecessary cuts, and flappy stitches.

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The New Traditional Look

double breasted old style blazer fashion

Moving on, we have a look that became famous because of hollywood gangsters. These double breasted blazers have pinstripes, and can be preserved as a suit for business reasons. The traditional double breasted blazers are here to stay for a long time. They are often carried with panache by bankers and lawyers.

Matchless Styling

double up blazer men stylish

Finally, we have our matchless style trend! Many times, suits are known for the shade that blends both the blazer, and the pants. However, you have the freedom to avoid such matches. Now, you can opt for a different shade for the blazer, and a completely different pattern/color for the pants. This look often feels more relaxed and modern. But, we are not advising you to pick a blazer from one suit, and blend it with another suit’s trouser. However, you need to choose the shades, and “separation” carefully.


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