Latest Grooming Trends That Every Men Should Know

latest trending grooming trends for men now

Top 10 grooming trends for men 2019

The year 2018 was all about going natural and being more open to the ‘dad bod’, getting colorful buzz cuts and growing mustaches. In 2019, it is actually about trying to achieve the accurate balance between fake grooming and being natural. For instance, where facial treatments are concerned, non-invasive is the choice. Where hair is concerned, make it go free and wild – such as of Lady Di or George Michael. Know about the top 10 grooming trends for men in 2019.

10. Go for natural hairstyle

male with natural hairstyle

The previous year might have been about traditional short sides and back, and embracing the buzz cut again. This year, it is about letting your hair run free and wild. In case you have curls, let them grow loose. Strive to have a floppy, hairy crown. A regency-style is what you should go for in case you have wavy hair. A forward-combed cut can appear elegant.

9. Use High style supplements

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Dietary supplements focused on men have been around for some time, but these have been coming to own in 2019. HIMS is a brand that is seductively simple and has products that are packaged beautifully, whether it comes to very effectual acne treatments or traditional anti-ageing serums or gummy supplements that are aimed at boosting the immune system and keeping the heart safe. These types of supplements are going to rule 2019.

8. Taper body hair

Tapering of hair is ‘in’ this year. This is a subtle trick that needs a lot of dedication, but can be worthwhile as you put your body on display in summer at the beach. The process usually includes the use of an electric modular shaver to shave your leg hair to graduating, varied lengths to make your body look stunning.

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7. Blue light protection

These days, you can find moisturizers and serums that are protected against outer pollution and also against the blue colored light that PC and smartphone screens. Dermatologists state that everyday exposure to such kind of light for 7 – 8 hours is equal to spending 20 minutes under the midday sun. The anti-blue light can be good for the skin.

6. Non-invasive treatments

In the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of men looking for non-invasive surgical treatment methods. This type of trend is going to be more on the upswing in 2019. Whether it comes to Botox, dermal fillers or newer types of treatment measures like non-surgical nose jobs, you can find these more in use this year.

5. Less washing of hair

More and more men are becoming aware that washing the hair can remove natural oils from the same, and expose it more to damage. This is another process that can put needless strain on your hair. By allowing a few days of oil to accumulate on hair, one can get hair texture and shape of the best quality. In case of any confusion, a spot of dry shampoo can be used in the morning for the absorption of too much grease and avoid lanky looking hair. With this method, more volume can be added.

4. Grimy fragrances

It is well known that some kinds of fragrances are preferred more in some global territories. The trend this year is the use of animal-like, sexy and grimy scents that Mediterranean nations love. One can find fragrances with spicy peppercorn, zingy citrus etc and with heavy notes like tonka and leather and dark, dense woods such as agar and cedar. The Scent Accord from Hugo Boss, Ombré Leather from Tom Ford and Sandalo from Acqua Di Parma are the best new scents that symbolize this trend.

3. Use of Cannabis for skin

One can find the use of CBD oil in alternative medicine of late. CBD does not have THC, the psychoactive substance, and has outstanding anti-inflammatory properties. It can diminish redness rapidly and soothe skin that is prone to breakouts. This year, you can find many skincare items laced with CDBD available on sale.

2. Cleaner brows

In 2019, you can find men avoiding bushier brows and waxing or trimming them in order to get rid of their monobrow. The final aim is have the eyes opened up and get rid of unruly, stray hairs while managing to retain the shape. A full overhaul of the brow may appear to be too overdone. You can find a sensitive depilatory cream being used in the middle of the brow for the removal of unnecessary hair.

1. Sheet style face masks

This trend has been on the rise for a couple of years. Sheet face masks are regarded as the best way to target acne prone, oily and dry skin. There are plenty of varied masks available that can be used to remove the burden of your skin. The cost is just a fraction of the expense of a facial.


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