Latest sneaker trends for men that you should try in 2019

latest sneaker trends for men 2019

Most trending sneakers for men this year

You can enjoy wearing a sneaker. But you need to understand that sneaker culture tends to change quickly and you need to be updated constantly. You can go for something simple, timeless style that leans more on minimalism and still appear trendy.

Latest sneakers trend in 2019 for men

Casual sneakers

converse classic mens sneakers

Classics: This trend has been there for ages and is likely to continue in the near future. Top brands like Adidas, Nike, Converse and Vans, etc. are offering classic silhouettes. The black & white pair such as Vans Old Skool or Converse One Star is priced affordably and can be used as everyday casual wear.

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You can also choose casual lace-up running sneaker pairs that go perfectly with dark or light blue jeans or sweatpants. Adidas Stan Smith is a classic sneaker.  ‘Internationalist’ sneaker from Nike is stylish, sleek and has been designed in several colors to offer extreme versatility. Nike Killshot 2 having gumsole is another popular pick.

Minimalist sneakers

Minimalist sneakers for men

The all-white trainer type is quite popular for some time now. The classic, clean and minimalist speaker trend can be termed to be versatile, a fan favorite and can be dressed down with causal jeans or with any high end fashionable clothes. A popular and affordable white sneaker available in the market is Greats Royale Blanco. Another versatile, classy option is the brown suede type.

Designed in Italy, currently Koio Cari is the hot favorite among many. They also have minimalist high tops such as Primo-Roccia in suede. You can opt for that beige or all white canvas type low sneakers also called skate shoes to provide that casual vibe. But being white, it may get dirty easily and not recommended much to be worn at grimy places and during rainy weather.

Sueded Out Silhouttes

Sueded Out Silhouttes stylish shoes for men

These are versatile, neutral suede colorways and you can choose light olive or light navy blue color. For that bold option, choose dark olive or forest green. Ochre or orange casual sneaker pair can take your fashion level to a higher level. They are exciting to be worn when compared to plain brown or black suede. Moreover, suede also adds visual interest and texture to the otherwise stylish, but simple outfits. A bit of suede on the sneakers can make a great choice if blended with nice gumsole and leather.

Tech Runners

stylish fashionable tech runner sneaker for men 2019

Nike in 2016 had introduced the HyperAdapt 1.0, a self lacing sneaker that took sneaker technology to an advanced level. As claimed by the brand, this product is stated to be the first fully-functioning athletic shoe which adjusts electronically to the wearer’s foot contours using adaptive lacing technology. Thus, it offers custom fit and personalization, thereby making the wearer to feel it to be the body’s extension.

Nike Adapt BB, HyperAdapt’s successor is much more affordable and has a sleeker silhouette. There are brands which have been introducing cool sneakers having inbuilt waterproofing combined with ripstop fabrics. These sneakers are ideal enough to complement the atheleisure style due to their knitted uppers and sleek silhouettes.

Fashionable shoes for men

These sneakers are rocking in men’s fashion this year. You might find them a little over the top but try to pull one off, you might like it!

Bold Logo Sneakers

bold logo stylish sneakers trend for men

There are brands that have come out with sneakers having bold logos on them, which are perhaps considered to be a status symbol. Many people find such sneakers to be cool. New Balances is a true classic and a tried and tested one.

Ugly trainers

ugly trainer trend for men 2019

They are utterly hideous and do live up to its name. it combines bulky soled shoe and unnecessary embellishments, hand sketched art, bold logos and Ed Hardy-esque paint splatters.

The above are few of the men’s sneaker popular 2019 trends that you can check out.


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