Latest Summer Fashion Trends For Men 2019

men's summer fashion trends 2019

Spring Summer 2019 Men’s Fashion Trends: Men’s Summer Styles

6 months into 2019, the year shows some fantastic trends when it comes to men’s fashion. The year began with a bang, blending modern moods with retro fashion cues. The 2019 gentleman is loaded with attitude and puts on clothes that are extremely wearable. Whether it comes to ultra-thin sunglasses, bold stripes or other throwbacks from the 90s, or the latest in today’s fashion, the 2019 man’s wardrobe is choc ’a bloc with all the best that guys can sport today. Check out some of the fabulous men’s summer fashion trends of 2019.

Put on Linen Suits

If you are a man who loves polish and class, go for linen suits. Linen is undoubtedly the best fabric to wear during the summer months, breathable, comfortable and lightweight that it is.

Get dressed in sharp cut suits of linen to get a smart, casual yet stylish appearance. These can be found in all clothing stores for men. It is time to go high on style, and bring out your classy self.

Try Bold Stripes

You can easily make a statement with bold stripes, which seem to be all around. These are bright, bold and thick, and are a departure from the traditional pinstripes. You can find fashionable stripes in all that you wear, whether it comes to trousers, suits, jackets and shirts. It is up to you to determine how much robust statement you wish to make.

Wear Printed Shirts over Tees

This is a retro style that has resurfaced this year and is set to enjoy pride of place in clothing stores for every stylish man out there. You can wear an oversized shirt over a standard tee once again, and rock the fashion scene. It depends on you whether you want abstract, checks, floral or stripes.

Choose Pastel Colors

These are set to make a mark in all seasons this year. Colors such as sky blue add a touch of style to macho make silhouettes and happen to be amazing choices for the contemporary man. These look bright and light under the sharp sun rays of the summer months. You can choose pastel colors of any shade that appeal to your senses.

Go 90’s

If you miss the magic of the 90’s and rue that all good things ended with that decade, here is a chance to let the nostalgia take over! The 90’s era has come back, and all the legendary style trends from that era – whether it comes to windbreakers, overalls or bum bags, are experiencing resurgence. These have risen like the proverbial phoenix and have come again into popular fashion, with most of them – naturally, restyled to match the new male fashion trends.

Sport Ultra-Slim Sunglasses

You can go cool with them. Although the ladies might have been the ones to start this trend, men can also be found these days to sport them to look sleek and sharp. Rectangle, oval and Cat eye are a few popular options that you can wear for a hip look.

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These glasses, other than keeping your eyes safe from the UV rays of the sun, can surely make you look great!

Wear Light-Wash Denim

Denim is one of the most classic and evergreen style trends, and it comes as no wonder that these are still around in 2019. Although many males choose a darker wash, this year most of them are switching shades up for light washes. In Pinterest, up to 70% people are looking for “light washed denim”. Fortunately, lighter denim shades are as versatile as the darker ones that preceded them.

Sling Bags

While some men like to keep their belongings in totes or backpacks, many of them love hands-free bags that allow them to use their hands for better things than carrying their stuffs. Going by searches on Pinterest, the number of people looking for “sling bags” has gone up by an amazing 1,184%, which is staggering. It only goes on to reinforce the fact that these bags are practical and stylish in equal measure.

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You can sling the bag to your back to keep it out of way or sling it back to the front and keep a watch on your stuffs. These bags look trendy, no matter how you wear them.

Mismatched Prints

2019 is all about maximalism, and the same holds true for men’s fashion. On Pinterest, searches for mismatched prints have gone up as high as 89%. Given that men tend to depend on tried and tested on basics that are style-proven, it is important that you warm to these prints by taking up one bold print first. Then blend that bold print with one more. Before long, you will warm up to this maximalist fashion trend for men and impress people left, right and center.


This one is a great choice for any man’s winter wardrobe. And it is up in demand, with lookup queries for “corduroy” being up 507% according to Pinterest. That is a staggering number, and it is unsurprising that many popular retailers such as Urban Outfitters and Lucky Brand have stocked up on these apparels in 2019.

Vintage Watches

vintage watch for men
Vintage watch

These look very chic, irrespective of the sex of the wearer. In 2019, these have resurfaced into prominence. Searches for these watches have gone up by 98% according to Pinterest.

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These timekeepers, whether from Chopard or Rolex, are great to start conversation over. The accessories make a statement and can help you to keep track of time.

Cropped Trousers

cropped trousers and sky blue summer outfit man

These trousers allow people to display a pair of cool socks or sneakers from that limited-edition series. Searches for these trousers have, as per Pinterest, gone up 671%, which means the number of men trying to show ankle skin has risen.

Neck Scarves

These are a cool way to remain warm during the summer season, when rain makes temperatures take a dip, and are amazing to look at.

While this is a gender-neutral trend, it can surely be said that men love to stock on these scarves that help them to be cozy and are great to experiment with.

Plaid Pants

These can be subtle or edgy if you want, and men can choose from a wide variety of options. Seaches for these pants has gone up 267% according to Pinterest. Such types of pants can help make a subtle fashion statement to any wardrobe. There are many varieties that guys can pick from.

Quarter Socks

Men’s socks, for a long time, have been either plain socks or dressy high socks. In 2019, socks for men are about moderation. Searches for these socks, as per Pinterest, have gone up 266%. It is time for men to begin looking for flashily stylish socks.

Summer coats

2019 is less about short jackets and more about summer coats that can ensure power dressing. Summer coats can help men make a wonderful fashion statement during the warm season.

It is time that you update yourself with the new styles in summer coat fashion that is trending this year. It is not that you have to go only for expensive and stylish coats, as affordable brands are available as well.

Go for Blue!

Blue is the color of choice even in 2019. You can try various shades of blue in all seasons, such as classic navy blue, light sky blue etc. It is possible to see all shades of blue during the summer season, and it goes on ruling men’s fashion. If you love to shop, choose apparels in the color blue – whether it comes to a cool T-shirt, a pair of jeans or any other thing. 

Buttoned-up shirts

buttoned up summer shirt man

These are back in vogue. Rather than tucking them in, you can wear them loose – beneath a jacket or on their own. Buttoned up shirts need to be worn tightly and are fitted small.

Try to roll the sleeves up when you are wearing short-sleeved button-ups.

Go for patterns

Patterns, like shorts, are a hit this year. Floral patterns are possibly the trendiest patterns this year, and men should not be afraid to let them loose and put the flowers on display. Anything with pastels or light blues, other than floral – happen to be in style these days. In case you are putting on a patterned t-shirt, try to wear it along with a pair of jeans or plain khakis. On the other hand, in case your shorts and pants are patterned, choose a tee in a solid color.

Try colored shorts

Shorts have always been around, and these are projected to be more popular this year. You can edge past others and try shorts in solid colors, such as primary colors or pastels. Stay away from the skater look that ruled the 90’s, and opt for preppy. Look for printed patterns on male shorts, and go for polka dots, stripes, paisley and floral patterns – which can make your shorts the focus of summer fashion. You can put on patterned shorts along with a shirt having a varied pattern simultaneously, in order to create a bolder statement.

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