Latest Summer Fashion Trends for Men: Men’s summer outfits 2019

summer fashion trends men 2019

Most stylish and trendy outfit ideas for men this summer

When the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to break out those shorts and short sleeve tees, gentleman! But besides classic summer staples, looking fresh in summer will take a bit more effort. Just as the ladies switch out their wardrobe in the hotter months, you’ll want to do the same and here are some of the best summer fashion trends for men to follow!

Vertical Striped Tees

vertical style t-shirt for men
vertical style tees for men

You probably own plenty of striped shirts, but this season makes them upright! Vertical striped tees are going to be huge this summer and are a bold addition to any summer wardrobe. From regular tees to button-down shirts, vertical stripes are going to really make your summer wardrobe hotter than ever!

Tonal Dressing

tonal dressing for men
tonal dressing for men

Menswear this summer is all about tonal dressing. This means dressing from head-to-toe in one color (or variations of the same hue). Think different shades of tan or navy.

Your closet probably has lots of blue or grey pieces, so this trend might not be so hard to wear! But don’t be scared of trying different colors like light neutrals or even softer, pastel colors that will keep you looking fresh in summer.

Rolled Bottoms

rolled bottom clothing trends men 2019
rolled bottom clothing trends men 2019

Whether you prefer denim, khakis or chinos, rolling the bottoms up like cuffs add some pep into your summer look. Showing off a little leg is easy since you just roll up the bottoms of your jeans or pants to achieve the look!

Add a pair of summer loafers and you’ve got a preppy and fashionable look for all your summer festivities.

Tropical Prints

man wearing tropical print jacket
tropical prints tops for men

Tropical prints are in style this season making your dad’s shirts super chic! The resurgence of tropical prints might be weird for some guys, but for others it’s just another way to show off their trendy side with bold and print prints that are fun and perfect for summer parties.

If you’re iffy on this trend, you can always opt for sleeker designs that have darker and more neutral colors and might be easier to wear for casual events.


latest shade trends for men
latest shade trends for men

This is something that never goes out of style, shades gives that extra topping to your overall outfit and there is no better time than summer to rock those classic shades. You should own couple of these in different styles and colors.

HERE is a detailed post on trending summer sunglasses for men.


hats trends for men 2019
hats trends for men 2019

Don’t go all cowboy on it! Thanks to the designers, there are so many cool and stylish hats in the market now, go grab the ones that fits your needs and gives that style kick to your summer outfit.


sneaker trends for men
sneaker trends for men

When it comes to outfit for any season, it’s impossible not to talk about footwear, after all it’s a very important part of our outfit.
our footwear becomes the MVP of your daily outfits. Whether you are hitting the beach or just out for a walk, you’ll need a good pair of sandals or flip-flops.

Running around town from meeting-to-meeting in the summer sun?

A pair of white sneakers with a minimalist design keeps your 9-to-5 look fresh and provides extra comfort. But no matter where you’re heading for the season, breathable shoes are essential to beat the heat with cool style. Checkout THIS detailed post on summer footwear trends for men.

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