Learn How You Can Burn Fat & Lose Belly Fat with these exercises


Belly fat is a common problem in men that can lead to various problems. If you are a man, then you should know how to overcome them from different sources. Burning fats and losing belly fats involve several things including diet plans. Moreover, you should consider doing some exercises that will help you to get the desired shape. While performing exercise activities, make sure that you follow some precautions that will help achieve the best results. Before carrying out exercises, you should know the type of belly fat in detail to fix them effectively.

Here are some exercises you can try to burn body fats and belly fats.

1. Burpee

Burpee is an effective workout you can do in your home. It allows you to target every muscle from head to toe that will result in more advantages. You should start this exercise in a squat position with bent knees. Ensure that your palms rest on the floor after lowering your body and your shoulder apart. You can now kick your feet back by using the toes and hands in a push-up position. Reverse your movements quickly and you can perform a jump while standing.

2. Mountain climber

Mountain climber is one of the best exercises that can reduce your fats and belly fats. This is because it works well on your shoulders, arms, and other areas. You can start this activity in a plank position and you should perform a mini crunch.

It is a bodyweight exercise and you should pull the right knee into your shoulder faster. Not only that, you should switch legs by pulling one knee and bringing another knee in. Make sure that your hips are down and run your knees faster as much as you can.

3. Russian Twist

Russian Twist is a simple exercise that can help lower your abdominal fats. Not only that, it works on your shoulders, hips, and gives ways to build a strong core. You can make the most out by doing this exercise regularly. The exercise involves different variations enabling you to keep your body in a perfect state.

You should first sit on the floor before starting this exercise. The next step is to bend your knees and feet flat on the ground. You should lean your body at a 45-degree position. Keep your knees flexed and twist your body from one side to another side with rotating arms.

4. Dumbbell overhead lunge

Dumbbell overhead lunge is one of the exercises designed for trimming your abdomen as well as body muscles. You need dumbbells for this activity that will help reduce your fats significantly. You can start doing this exercise with feet positioned shoulder. Make sure that your palms face each other while performing this activity. You should now step forward and form a lounge position. You should pause and bring your back leg forward so that you can step your walk forward.

5. Thrusters

The Thruster is another exercise that can help burn your belly fats as well as other fats to ensure a great shape. It works well on all important areas allowing you to focus on your goals in the bodybuilding process. On the other hand, you should use proper form and technique while doing this activity. If you are a beginner, then you can start utilizing a barbell that will help overcome unwanted problems.

While holding the barbell, you should consider using an overhand grip and stand with your feet. Ensure that your shoulder is width apart when doing this activity. You can now draw your shoulders back and down. Furthermore, you should keep your spine in alignment. You should now bend your knees slightly and bring your barbell above your shoulders. Moreover, you should bring your elbows underneath. You should now lower your body slowly into a deep squat position and keep your legs in line with your shoulders.

6. Deadlift

A deadlift is a good exercise that will help reduce your belly fats as well as other fats. It is a multi-joint activity that makes your whole body involved to gain more benefits. At the same time, you should perform this exercise with extreme care. You should lift weights lying on the ground to strengthen your muscles including abdominals.

Using a barbell is the best one for this exercise because it enables you to shape your muscles. It even lets you how to make your movements correctly. You can even try using some other things such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, etc. Your abs will get an incredible form instead of doing other exercises that give ways to achieve goals in bodybuilding.

7. Squat jumps

A squat jump is one of the exercises that can help target your muscles in various areas including the abdominals. You stand your feet shoulder-width apart and can start with a regular squat. You should jump explosively. However, make sure that bend your knees at a 45-degree position while landing. You should come back to the squat position to jump again. This exercise enables you to tone your muscles effectively.

8. Broad jump

The broad jump is the best exercise that can work well for your body. It requires a lot of energy enabling you to burn your calories. To do this activity, you should lower yourself into a squat position first. Make sure that your feet are shoulder-width apart and you should start swinging your arms back. You should utilize them to propel yourself forward which will help shape your muscles. You should also bring your legs forward while performing this activity to ensure additional momentum.

9. Jumping lounge

Jumping lounge is a cardiovascular exercise that can improve your lower body strength and power to a large extent. It is an advanced variation of the basic walking lounge exercise enabling you to transform your muscles with optimal results. You can get ready for this activity by bending your knees. You should sink your knees into a deep lunge. Apart from that, you should bring your feet together quickly. You should also switch your positions and maintain a balanced foot position.


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