Lose Your Love Handles With This Home Workout Plan

Lose Your Love Handles With This Home Workout Plan

Best Home Workout Plan That Will Make Love Handles Go Away

Excess fats on the skin can affect your overall appearance and confidence levels. Love handle is an excess fat pocket that forms on your waist and stomach areas. It can cause several problems when you want to wear jeans or shorts. Therefore, you should know how to avoid them effectively that can help get peace of mind. Experts say that certain factors influence love handles on your skin. Some of them include cortisol, age, diet, lack of exercise, alcohol, genes, and lack of sleep.

How to manage love handles?

If you want to reduce love handles then, you should consider performing some exercises to obtain optimal results. This is because exercises enable you to reduce fats significantly which ultimately gives ways to undergo major changes. Another thing is that they provide ways to keep your skin in a perfect state that help experience the desired outputs. However, choose the right set of exercises that work well for you when it comes to fat reduction.

8 exercises to get rid of love handles fast

Here are some exercises you can follow to get rid of love handles effectively.

1. Bicycle crunches

fitness trainer doing bicycle crunches

The bicycle crunch is a great workout you can do in your home that can help lose fats. It is a simple exercise that allows you to get the best results. You can perform the activity by lying flat your body on a floor and put hands behind your heads. Now, you should straighten your leg at about a 45-degree level after bringing your knees in towards the chest. On the other hand, make sure that you don’t pull the neck while lifting your shoulder blades. Moreover, move your rib cages by turning theupper body to the left and bringing right elbows towards your left knee. You should carry out the activity slowly to gain more advantages.

2. Deadlifts

deadlift with resistance band at home love handle melt

Deadlifts are the best exercises to reduce love handles. You can perform them with a resistance band, water bottle, and other things. On the other hand, it is necessary to execute the task safely to avoid unwanted risks. The first thing is that you have to position the feet shoulder and make sure that you stabilize your abdominal muscles by bracing them. You should bend your knees with a pair of dumbbell sand lower them to the ground. Push upward your legs to lift the bar that can accomplish goals in the fat reduction.

3. Hanging leg raises

man doing love handle remover exercise

This workout needs a lot of upper body strength and you can perform the activity by using a bar. Place a bar well above your head and grasp the same correctly. You should lift your feet off the ground by engaging your hips and core. However, make sure that your legs are in a straight position while lifting feet. Ensure that your legs are parallel to the ground at about a 90-degree level during the lifting process. You should now lower your legs slowly to a vertical position that can help obtain optimal results.

4. Russian twists

fit man russian twist exercise love handles shredder

Russian twists are one of the best exercises you can do in your home. The activity allows you to reduce love handles significantly to ensure a great shape. You can perform the exercise by sitting on the floor first and then bend your knees and feet flat. Make sure that your torso and legs form a v-like shape by leaning back slightly. Twist your torso side by side with proper balance and don’t move the legs. Repeat this activity for 10-15 minutes that can help reduce fats to a large extent.

5. Kettlebell swing

couple doing kettle ball swing exercise fat loss

The Kettlebell swing is one of the great exercises designed for reducing love handles. You can do this exercise by standing up straight with slightly feet wider than the shoulder. Apart from that, you should hold a kettlebell in front of your body by keeping your arms and hands straight. Swing the kettlebell back through your legs by hinging at your hips.

Furthermore, you should bend your knees slightly and maintain balance to stand and swing the kettlebell on your body. Make sure that your knees are straight when the kettlebell hits shoulder height that can help obtain optimal results.

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6. Burpees

fit woman doing burpees

Burpees allow you to reduce love handlesbecause they are pretty hard workouts. You can start this activity by standing straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. In the next step, you have to squat down with your back straight and place your hands on the ground.You should kick your feet back behind you by keeping your arms in a raised plank position.

If you are new to this activity then, you should get ideas from different sources. The activity will help you burn fats quickly which paves ways to experience a great shape.

7. Side planks

side plank pose love handle loss

Side plank is a great exercise for you to reduce excess fats from your waist or hip areas. You should perform the activity step-by-step which can help gain major advantages. Start this activity by lying on the right side with extended legs and stacked hips and feet. Lift your hips and knees while exhaling that will help experience the desired outcomes.

You should inhale and return to the standing position after several breaths. However, don’t bend your torso while carrying out the task. It is not advisable to hold the position for too long to prevent injuries and other problems.

8. Woodchopper

wood chop exercise fat loss

This exercise is similar to wood chopping with an axe and you can perform the activity by standing straight first. You should hold the dumbbell by both your hands and rotate your torso to the left. Moreover, you should bring the weight in your hands when you rotate the dumbbell.

Make sure that your hands are in an extending position and lift the weight diagonally across your body. Apart from that, ensure that your weight is above your shoulder. You should hold the position for a few minutes and then return to the starting position. Also, you can repeat the technique on the other side.


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