Male Grooming Kit Guide for Beginners: Manscaping Kit

male grooming kit guide

A complete guide to male grooming kit for beginners

When you talk about men’s grooming, you can find an unlimited number of products and it can be confusing for you to decide on what should and should not be used. Whether it is a fragrance or a moisturizer, a hairstyling product or a fairness cream, there are endless products. There is a lot of variety for a common man to choose from, and decide on, should he choose to look good. Here is a men’s grooming kit guide that males who are starting in the domain of fashion need to know about.

Male Beard Grooming

male beard grooming guide

If you are not a no-shave enthusiast and want to do away with facial hair every day, or at least as often as possible, you need a trimmer. It is a must-have that should be in the grooming kit of every man, whether he chooses to trim or shave his face. You require an all-in-one trimmer which can be useful for you in removing facial hair as well as body hair. Ensure that the trimmer of your choice also comes with plenty of attachments, so that it can be used easily.

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A shaving cream is also a necessity. It is always a good idea to choose a brand that you may depend on. If possible, you have to stick to organic and natural skincare products. With a good shaving cream, you can save plenty of time that you would waste in visiting a salon. You can get a salon-like experience right at home.

Male Face Grooming

male face grooming guide

After you shave or trim your face, you need a Face Wash. It can exfoliate your skin and remove all dead cells from the same, refreshing it. It is recommended that you use an all-in-one facewash, so as to get better results.

You also require an Exfoliating Scrub. Scrubbing is not just for women. It can help get rid of dead cells, as well as prevent the growth of ingrown hair. You can use it each night to change your facial texture. It can also provide your face with a wonderful glow. Scrubbing products are not intended to be used regularly. You do not need to use it over 10 minutes in just one day of the week, preferably on a Sunday.

A Hydrating Moisturizer is another of the must-haves in a male grooming kit. It can hydrate your body and face, as well as make your facial stubble softer. When you use a face scrub to wash your face, it removes the lubrication and you have to restore it with the help of a moisturizer. Determine the type of skin that you have and use a type of moisturizer that works the best on your skin. A few brands tend to make exclusive male moisturizers, so that there is no need to worry about wearing a female scent. These can give you skin that is enviably soft.

Male Hair Grooming

male hair grooming guide

With a wax, you can style your own hair to absolute perfection. You would obviously have to use a hair styling product to get the right hairstyle. A hair wax happens to be a product that can go well with hair of any type. It can last for more time than a gel, and can provide your hair the much-needed hold and shine.

Male Body Grooming

men sitiing on a dressing table and using perfume

After taking a shower, you have to use a roll-on deodorant under the neck and arms, when your body is still wet. Roll-ons can help you to have a better smell all through the day, and can provide you with better results as compared to the spray. After your body has dried up, apply a perfume one time. Choose one that is light for your skin, and has a scent that can match your personality type.

You can also tone up with a good toning product, which does not close the pores. The aim of toning is to remove any type of impurity that cannot be removed with washing, and can set the stage for any product that you will be applying next. These are available in varied forms – whether cleansers or mists. These may even help target particular skin problems, like excess oil or dry skin. Toning is a part of expert grooming that lies between moisturizing and cleansing.

While toning is not absolutely necessary, it can be a good idea to make it a part of your everyday skin and body care regimen.


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