Mark Wahlberg’s complete workout routine


Mark Wahlberg is a 48 years old Hollywood actor. He has a perfect and fit body and he does a lot of hard work for getting this body, at this age. Wahlberg is an actor and model who is very famous for his body transformation. He has a proper workout routine and diet that he is following for years to maintain his health and body. Due to his roles in movies, he gains and loses weight periodically and it is what his fans like. He has shared his workout routine to help his fans to gain a fit body.

Mark Wahlberg is doing high-intensity workout and is stuck to it for the last 13 years. He does training for at least 2 hours daily and he has divided his meal into many portions. He takes a small meal after every 2 to 3 hours a day.

Workout routine

Wahlberg wakes up very early in the morning at about 2:30 am. His workout starts at 4 a.m and lasts for about one hour and thirty minutes. He told to a journal that his workout starts with RAMP which means the range of motion, activation, movement, and preparation. For RAMP he does hip bridges, Spiderman stretch, and foam rolling. He takes rest for two days a week and does heavy exercises in the other five days. We will tell his workout routine on a daily basis so it will be easy for you to follow it.

Monday workout

Monday is Wahlberg’s arms, chest, and abs day. He does his workouts 2 to 3 times a day. At Monday morning, after warm-up, he does exercise for one and a half hour.

  • Morning
  • He starts his Monday exercise with his warm-up and RAMP. He then comes towards his Monday workout that is as below.
  • The first step is to do 8 to 12 repetitions of flat bench press in about 4 sets. He then takes a rest of 45 seconds.
  • In the next step, he does dumbbell chest Flys in 4 sets, each set containing 8 to 12 repetitions. After it, he takes another small break of 45 seconds.
  • The next exercise is incline bench press and has the same repetitions as the others.
  • Mark Wahlberg then does a list of exercises including front shoulder raises, decline bench press, side shoulder raises, and shoulder military press. He takes a 45 seconds break in between every exercise. All exercises are done in 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions.
  • Only these are not Monday morning exercises. He also does some other workouts including standing shoulder press, parallel bar dips, cable triceps press down, lying triceps extensions, and OH triceps extensions. The number of repetitions and sets for all the exercises are the same.
  • Evening
  • On Monday evening, he does stretching, cardio, and Abs
  • For warm-up Wahlberg does stretching, Val slides, bands, and foam roller.
  • He then does 15 repetitions of curl-ups, bicycle crunches, side crunches, hip-ups, and medication ball twists.
  • He then does treadmill or elliptical for 30 minutes as cardio.

Tuesday workout

  • Morning

Tuesday is the day of legs, biceps, and back for Wahlberg so he focuses on these things while doing his workout. He does intense exercises for the back, legs, and biceps.

  • After doing warm-up for some time, he starts his daily workout.
  • He does 4 sets of front squats and does 8 to 12 repetitions in each set.
  • The next step is to do 8 to 12 repetitions in 4 sets of split squats.
  • His morning exercise includes 8 to 10 repetitions in 4 sets of split squats, leg press, hop squats.
  • He then takes a break of about 45 seconds.
  • Then, he continues his exercise by doing walking lunges and calf raises.
  • Again, it is time for 45 seconds break.
  • Then he does barbell deadlift, alternating leg curls, pull-ups, dumbbell rolls, lat pulldowns, and seated pulley rows. He takes a 45 seconds break between all these exercises.
  • Evening

Tuesday evening is reserved for cardio, biceps, and stretching. So for these, he does very high-intensity workouts.

  • So for these workouts, he does seated biceps curls, dumbbell biceps curls, barbell biceps curls, EZ bar curls, Evangelist curls, and machine bicep curls.
  • After doing all these, he does 30 minutes of treadmill or elliptical.
  • To increase blood flow in the biceps, he does the exercise in several repetitions.

Wednesday workout

Wednesday is his rest day. But rest doesn’t mean he sleep, eats, or sits all day. He has set a proper routine and so some sports that day. He goes to the golf club to play golf with his friends on Wednesday.

Thursday workout

  • Morning

Thursday morning is the time for full-body workout so he does heavy exercises that day. He divided his Thursday morning exercises into 3 circuits to divide the body portions. Wahlberg does four sets of each circuit repeating every step 8 times. He then takes a rest for about 90 seconds.  Mark Wahlberg told his Thursday morning exercise circuit-wise.

  • Circuit 1

In 1st circuit he does barbell deadlift, clean and press, push press, hang snatch, and force clean.

  • Circuit 2

Mark Wahlberg does split squats, inverted row, barbell deadlift, and barbell bench press in circuit 2.

  • Finishers
  • These are some end steps of the Thursday morning exercise. He does these steps in 2 or 3 sets, having 6 to 8 repetitions of steps.
  • The exercises include cable bicep curls, leg press, seated side lateral raise, and triceps pushdowns.
  • Evening
  • It is the time for cardio, abs, and stretching. He does 2 to 3 circuits of these exercises with 15 repetitions. The exercises are side crunches, biceps crunches, hip-ups, medication ball twists, bicycle crunches, and curl-ups.
  • For cardio, he then does 30 minutes treadmill.

Friday workout

  • Morning

Friday routine is assigned to biceps, arms, and chest. As Friday is also for arms and chests so its workout is the same as we saw in the Monday routines. He follows all the Monday morning routine on Friday morning. The Friday morning workouts are decline bench press, parallel bar dips, flat bench press, incline bench press, and much more. You can check the Monday morning routine for guidance in detail.

  • Evening

Friday evening is the day for cardio, stretches, and biceps. So Mark Wahlberg’s Friday evening workout contains EZ bar curl, preacher curl, machine bicep curl, seated bicep curl, and dumbbell bicep curl. For further details of other exercises and repetitions, you can check Tuesday evening workouts.


  • Morning

Saturday morning is again for back, kegs, and Abs as Tuesday morning. He repeats all the exercises he does on Tuesday. So for guidance check that routine.

  • Evening

For Saturday evening Mark Wahlberg does 2 to 3 circuits of these exercises.

  • Hip-ups 15 repetitions
  • Medicine ball twist 15 repetitions
  • McGill curl-ups 15 repetitions
  • Side crunches 15 repetitions
  • Bicycle crunches 15 repetitions
  • And cardio exercises like treadmill and elliptical for thirty minutes.


Sunday is his rest and friends and family day, he arranges some sports with friends and family and enjoys his time.


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