Men’s Guide to Animal Print Clothing Trends

Men's Guide to Animal Print Clothing Trends

What is all this Fuss About Animal Print Shirts

Animal prints are in trend globally. The origins of animal prints can be traced back to the 18th century. Animal prints became popular as it gave a sense of power and luxury. It gained more prominence during the 70s and 80s and became a globally accepted style. Animal print apparel can be tricky to pull off. It is a bold style that can is not suitable for everyone and every occasion.

It requires more planning to wear an animal print shirt stylishly. However, when you do it right, animal prints are a highly rewarding choice. You can make a style statement that sets you apart from others. Some of the key tips to help you pull off an animal print shirt are discussed below:

Choose the Spots Wisely

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Animalprints come in different patterns and sizes. When it comes to animal prints, size does matter. You should choose the spots on animal print apparel wisely. Pulling off small animal prints is easier than large and bold patterns. There has been a growing trend towards big statement prints. Darker and monochrome animal prints blow up easily than regular animal prints.

Keep the Accessories to Minimum

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Animal prints are flashy compared to regular apparel. They need to be paired carefully with other outfits and accessories to achieve the perfect look. You should not add flashy accessories that will look too gaudy. The secret is to make a minimal style statement that does not look over the top. It is best to keep the accessories to a bare minimum while wearing animal print shirts. Try to pair animal print shirts with solid-colored trousers that provide a contrasting and sober look.

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Maintain Contrast

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Animal prints have a distinct look and feel. They make you stand out from the crowd. You should avoid wearing matching patterns with animal print shirts. Wearing an animal print shirt with animal print trousers or accessories does not make the ideal style statement. You should maintain a contrast between your animal print shirt and other apparel you wear.

Bright and high-contrast prints make an excellent choice for summer wear and resort wear. More brands are offering animal print shirts in bold and striking colors like deep pink, yellow, blue, green, etc. Wearing a bold animal print shirt with contrasting apparel help to make you an elegant style statement.

Consider Monochrome

monochrome animal print fashion trends men

If you are unsure of sporting bold animal printed shirts, then consider buying monochrome animal print shirts. Monochrome animal print shirts look more toned down and sober. It also becomes less striking and is perfect for people who want a sober animal print shirt. Such shirts give a more visually appealing and are more versatile.

It is better to stick to the darker shades like grey and white on black. Wearing a monochrome animal print shirt with dark denim or leather gives a classy look that can be worn on various occasions. Try to keep the rest of your outfit simple and pared back.

Add Layering

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You can try layering your animal print shirt with a jacket or blazer to make an effortless style statement. Teaming an animal print shirt with a denim or leather jacket gives you a more sober and toned-down look. It helps you achieve a chic look instead of a flashy or cheeky one. You can complete your casual look by wearing a pair of sneakers and you are good to go.

Pairing animal print shirts with a bomber jacket is a perfect combination for casual events during winters. You can team the shirt with a blazer to dress for semi-formal events.


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