Men’s Summer Fashion – Best Fashion Trends for Summer 2019


Best men’s summer outfits in 2019 – 5 summer fashion items that always stays trendy

When it comes to summer fashion trends for men, we need something light and good looking clothes. Summer may be not the best season for us men’s to show off our style but it’s the best season to show our muscles and skin with light colorful outfits. We have got your back for this summer’s outfits, these outfits will not just make you look good but also keep you comfortable.

male models wearing summer outfits
male models wearing summer outfits

This is classy summer outfits for guys of any age. I would say it’s the most comfortable  option for men in summer . They are trendy and very comfortable, you can wear shorts on shirts, t-shirts and other tops.

Preppy style has been the most famous for shorts in men’s fashion, you can try out something like navy, gray, and khaki shorts. Black and navy blue goes with many different color tops for men, these are great for your wardrobe.

Shorts with stripes are a big thing today, they will make you look great and trendy. Picture this white shorts with black Breton stripes with light blue shirt or t-shirt. Get your hands on these awesome shorts at amazon, while they are in stock.

Sports shorts are also great for your wardrobe, well it’s summer and why don’t get most out of it. Sports shorts with dark or light colors goes along nicely with collar or v-shape plain or dark t shirts.

Guide for Summer Shorts

Drawstring Walk Shorts
Trendy Stripe Shorts

Classic Fit Cargo

man wearing summer shirt
man wearing summer shirt

Shirts are 70% part of your complete outfit, so you better get it right. Short-sleeve shirts are good options for summer, you can get some light color printed shirts, they go along with jeans and shorts. Stripes shirts should be included in your wardrobe, they fit in nicely to be very trendy for summer outfits.

Guide for Summer Shirts

Short Sleeve Shirts

Casual Button Plaid Tops

Stripes Shirts

T Shirts
man wearing stripes t-shirt
man wearing stripes t-shirt

Summer is Hot! You need something very light and comfy, stripes t shirts with light colors does the trick for most of men in the summer. Plain t shirts with collar or round neck are also good options for your summer wardrobe. Long sleeve button ups, and short sleeve button ups gives you that awesome summer look.

Guide for Summer T Shirts

Light Color T shirts

Plain Model T Shirts

Summer collar T shirts


summer pants for men
summer pants

Jeans have been leading this department for years and still one of the best option for men’s bottom. Jeans might sound stupid for your summer outfit as it’s pretty hot out there, but there are some good fabrics which works fine for you even in the summer.

Get yourself some black and sky blue jeans, they always look good.

Chinos are a thing now days, they go very well with all types of tops. Picture this Slim fit grey chinos with white or black plain t shirt. Get yourself some of these for your wardrobe, you can wear them in any season.

Guide for Summer Pants

Slim Fit Jeans

Summer Chinos

Sports Pants

men's summer sneakers
men’s sneakers

When it comes to footwear, there are plenty of option for you to choose from. Summer shoes like Vans, Adidas and Nike fits perfectly with any outfit.

Leather shoes isn’t a good option in summer if you have sweaty feet, as the temperature rises, you might feel uncomfortable with them. Although they look really good on jeans and shorts.

Guide for Men’s Shoes

Vans Classic

Adidas CF lite


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