Men’s Sunglasses Trends This Spring 2019

best spring sunglasses for men 2019

Most stylish sunglasses to wear this spring

With the blazing sun causing your eyes to pain, this is the perfect time to grab a stylish sunglass. You can either opt for classics or check out the trending ones with regards to eras, colors and shapes.

Tips to select the best sunglass style

You need to understand the type of frames that will suit your face perfectly.

For Heart Shaped Face

Such faces come with broad cheekbones, tapered chin and forehead. Select thin, clear plastic or light metal having wider bottom halves like aviator or angular shapes for balancing chin width. Better avoid dark colors such as black as t cuts up face line.

For Round Shape Face

Rounded jaw line, soft features, similar width and length are the key features found in a circular face. Angular sunglasses can help add definition to such face shape, deep colors helps to reduce fullness while gradient lenses can elongate the face. Warm caramels and tortoiseshell are good colors. Thick frames having wide temples can suit round faces as it adds width.

For Square Shaped Face

In this type the defining features are powerful jaw line combined with equally broad forehead. The defined lines need to be softened a bit, which can be achieved with teardrop shaped lenses and circular styles. Metal frames can help make the face to appear softer, while single color or black frames can appear flattering. Rectangular or square shapes are to be avoided, since they draw excess attention towards the angles, thus making the head to appear short.

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For Oval Shaped Face

Although, oval face shape can be found to be well balanced, it is however, longer than width. Teardrop, slightly square lenses will look great combined with oversized lenses like aviators. Angular styles are better avoided like rectangular sunglasses as it narrows the face.

Popular sunglass trends 2019

Geometric Sunglasses

geometric sunglasses for men

These sunglasses are designed practically for guys having round profiles. Such overtly angular shades do can add structure to the orbicular bonces and are not commonly worn by everyone. Be it hexagonal or square, they can help to differentiate you from the surrounding crowd. Choose classy colors and thin frames.

Round sunglasses

men wearing round sunglasses black and white

This vintage type was worn by celebrities like John Lennon and can be carried off elegantly by the common man. Combining metal fronts and acetate arms, they are a must have. These frames better suit people having diamond and square shaped faces and circular designs are perfect for people with natural angles.

Aviator sunglasses

They are popularly used for decades and referred to as the pilot’s original sunglasses. They are made predominantly in acetate having single brow bridge to offer extra fashion. Seek plot twist designing details, colored lenses, patterned acetate designs or gold frames to attract others.

Colorful sunglasses

This is an extra to the existing anti-UV arsenal and can make an excellent collection. The current color styles are popping and bright. The best examples tend to make use of same color on whole design. With frames and lenses of similar color, these are just perfect to view life in blue, red and yellow.

Top Bar sunglasses

man top bar shades sunglasses

They are neither pared-back nor subtle, but designed to be viewed. You can try out a bold version or find something to match your preferences. There have recently emerged new designs offering a more polarized frame width. Chunky designs are found to have given way to thin profile designs and use metal instead of acetate.

Nineties sunglasses

The Britpop era seems to be back. Men preferring the early nineties design can choose this style to accentuate their personality. Colorful lenses in blue and orange combined with titanium frames can do the trick. Also are available oversized, cool acetate styles to choose.

To appear elegant, stylish and graceful, you need to select the most appropriate sunglass to protect your eyes from the glaring sun.


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