Men’s Trending Business Casual Outfit Ideas


Trending Business Casual Dressing Ideas for Men in 2019  

Business Casual attire, as you can understand from the name, is a combination of casual with professional attires. Business professional outfits are a class of formal and strict dress codes, and are loved by the businessmen and professionals of modern times. These might be casual in style but are suitable to wear to the workplace.

The typical outline of dressing for such an office includes wearing slacks or khaki pants along with a dress shirt. In the present era, business casual has become more laidback and relaxed. These days, most companies also allow jeans and tees.

What Qualifies As Standard Business Casual Attire?

business casual outfit male

These include dress shirts, slacks, khakis and basically anything that is allowed in your workplace.

You can wear business casual dresses along with jeans, which is allowed in most offices today. For the best contrast in colors, put on dark blue jeans along with a mauve tie and light blue dress shirt.

It is possible to wear these dresses without a blazer. There is no strict necessity for you to wear a blazer. If you feel that you can do without a sport blazer, take no time to ditch it. For employees and workers in offices, blazers are hardly a prerequisite ever.

You can wear Business Casual attire minus a tie. In most offices, you are allowed to get rid of the tie.

You may even put on a suit minus a tie, to get a sophisticated and charming look.

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When it comes to business casual attire shoes, you can choose brown leather ones. You may put on black shoes in case you find them matching your belt’s color. It is also a good idea to pick dress shoes. A pair of loafers or sneakers can also be slipped on if your workplace has no objections to it. Monk strap shoes have lately stared to become a trending footwear item among men.

How Can You Style Business Casual Attire for Men in 2019?

Here are some tips:

  • Pay attention to every important detail. Keep your nails clean and trimmed. You should have a tidy appearance, and style your hair in a proper way. Polish your shoes, trim or shave your beard and wear glossy cufflinks. Check whether everything is in proper order.
  • Closely follow the dress code. Each organization has dressing rules of its own. Some organizations also allow jeans, and let you go with no socks at all. The look is much more formal at other places.
  • Avoid taking any risks and wear something completely new, which you have not tried before, to the workplace. Wear a button down shirt with khaki pants, dark socks, tie, leather shoes and belt. After you have created a general style, determine where you can proceed from that point with some more styling instead of a simplistic style.
  • You are also recommended to maintain a style statement that is more consistent. In case you wear a specific type of apparels 4 days every week but dress in a completely varied style on your 5th day, you will be unable to earn trust and gain some additional points.
  • Finally, even when you are going for dinner or brunch with the other staffs, do not get very comfortable. It is a good idea to save your comfy look for the home or for those times when you are hanging out with old pals.

Business Casual Outfit Styles in 201

Trial Separation

trial separation casual dressing idea for men

When you are in doubt, choose separates. These have long been used to dress down or try to appear less formal than it looks when you are dressed in a full suit. In earlier days, separates might have been restricted to casual Fridays but the modern days find them being used as the ultimate outfit for business-casual purposes.

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This one creates a versatile appearance. You can get a tailored silhouette with separates, but can wear it easily to a bar after working, or later in the evening on a date. A slightly more casual look can be created with the mix of shades and fabrics in the upper and bottom half.


men's denis casual business outfits

A denim shirt is not meant to be used on the weekend only, and limited only under casual wardrobe. If your office is okay with more casual dresses, you can wear a denim shirt to the office. During the summer months, wear a pale blue denim shirt – minus a tie – under a pale camel suit. Wear black penny loafers to complete the look. Try denims of a thicker material and in a darker shade, when cooler weather comes up. You may sport it with a midnight blue suit, burgundy knitted tie and the same loafers.

A denim shirt can also spruce separates up. Try to match a mid-blue denim shirt with a brown colored blazer that is double breasted. Put on black colored derby shoes and formal trousers with grey flecks.


business casual tees outfit male

Almost every guy wants to wear a tee to his workplace. If you have a plain white tee in your wardrobe, you can wear it to work. It can work as a neutral shade and offer a clean contrast with almost the full color palette range, letting you go more daring with the colors and patterns of your suits.

You can also try wearing a crisp black tee along with a grey or green outfit. Do not wear it along with a black suit as an all-black look will make you appear formal. During the summers, you can put on a Breton top beneath a navy linen suit. It is a great way to combine suits with tees.

Skip the jacket

casual business outfits without jacket

When the weather is more temperate, you can try the right trousers with the right shirts and look better than co-workers who walk about in boring two-pieces. However, when you match them with the wrong outfits, this look can appear too plain.

Do not wear the same navy or black trousers with the same type of light blue or white work shirt sans the blazer or tie – a look that has become a commonplace affair at workplaces these days. Rather, pair a few check trousers along with a white crisp shirt. Or you may prefer going tonal and use varied shades of grey or blue to achieve some depth.

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If you wish to make the most of a few business-casual shoes, such as minimalist sneakers or suede derbies, check some cropped trousers out and wear them. You can button up the top of your shirt to show that you mean business when you are at the workplace.

Male Business Casual Dressing Ideas for Different Event

Here are some of the best business casual dressing ideas for men in 2019.

  • For Casual Meeting

When you are going for a business meeting, choose a pair of straight leg pants in black color and a dress shirt in sky blue color.

casual meeting outfit man

Do not leave your tie behind. Wear leather belt and shoes that are brown in color.

  • For Interview

Generally, business casual clothing includes Polo shirts. Do not make the error of putting on Polo shirts to your interview, however. Maintain a neat look with tie, slacks and a buttoned down shirt.

  • For Seminar

Wearing khaki pants with a plaid shirt can make for a nice dress to wear to a business luncheon. You can find some great khaki pants and other business casual seminar dresses for men in the market.

  • For Summer

During the summer months, you can put on khaki pants along with a polo shirt. Wear light colors to keep the look cool and clean.

  • For Winter

When the weather is chilly, you can wear a plain sweater over a buttoned up shirt to have a chic look.

  • For Casual Brunch / Lunch

You can dress up for your business lunch in light brown khaki pants and white shirt.

  • For Cocktail Attire

For a business cocktail party, it is a good idea to dress up in slacks and plaid button down shirt along with a tie.

  • For Seniors

If you are a senior, it does not mean that you have to dress up in a suit with a single color scheme. It is a good idea to put on a blazer of a color that is different from that of slacks. Get rid of the socks and tie.

  • For Swag

If your office permits it, you can try to wear a gray blazer with black slacks and a round neck tee. Wear sneakers of white color along with navy socks, which can complete your appearance.

  • For Wedding

If you are attending the wedding event of a colleague or even your boss, wear anything that is classy. A navy suit with a buttoned down shirt and a black or steel grey necktie can work wonders for you.

  • For Internship

Even in case you are planning to work as an intern, make sure that you leave an amazing impression on everyone in your organization. Dress up in a suave way without going too much over the board.


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