Men’s Wedding Outfit Ideas for All Seasons

men's wedding attire ideas for all seasons

Men’s best wedding attire/dress/outfit ideas for any time and season

If you are a groom, you will love to wear wedding attire that men will appreciate and photographers will love to capture on camera. The need to look good might not be that high if you are a guest at a wedding, although with wedding photos being shared publicly within a few seconds the need to look good can be high on the list of priorities for most men out there – whether he is a groom, groomsman or simply a guest. Knowing what they should put on and wear to a wedding can save a lot of time for men. Here are some of the best wedding outfit ideas for men for every season.


In case you lack a dress code to start with for a wedding, you may take seasonal cues and use those vibes in subtle manner in your wedding outfit.

Fall Wedding Attire

fall wedding couple walking
Image by Dylan M Howell

While the fall season is a lovely one, on an average the temperature could be in the range of 48° – 84°. Layering is the key to tuxedos or suits for fall wedding dresses. Put on a vest that you can take off easily in case it becomes too warm. In case of a casual dress code, allow the seasonal colors to reflect in your attire. Pick a tie and pocket square in complementary colors, and look for a good pair of brown suede or leather shoes.

You are suggested to put on:

  • White Dress Shirt
  • White Linen Shoestring Pocket Square
  • Black Watch Tartan Bow Tie
  • Navy Suit and Vest
  • Brown Suede Shoes
  • Brown Suede Belt

Winter Wedding Attire

 winter wedding
Image by Dylan M Howell

While climate change is telling heavily on the winter season that we once knew, there are some seasonal suggestions to get the best wedding attire. Many of the winter time weddings happen to feature formal outfits. Corduroy and Velvet are warm options that stay subdued while you are dressed in black and white.

You are recommended to dress up in:

  • White Dress Shirt
  • Corduroy Jacket Tuxedo
  • Menzies Tartan Bow Tie
  • Grosgrain Loafers
  • White Pocket Square
  • Black and White Cufflinks

Spring Wedding Attire

a spring wedding couple sitting on sofa
Image by Dylan M Howell

Going by the weather, spring is much similar to fall. Based on the location of the wedding, it may be chilly or warm. In case the forecast appears to be warm, add a dash of color to your overall appearance with accessories. Put on a suit that is light in color. Try a blue or grey suit in case the day appears to be colder.

You are suggested to wear:

  • Pink Dress Shirt
  • Light Grey Suit
  • Banana Leaf Pocket Square
  • Grey Cotton Necktie
  • Brown Leather Shoes
  • Brown Belt

Summer Wedding Attire

Image by Dylan M Howell

In the heat of summer, you need a white colored dinner jacket or a light colored suit to fight the rays. You should also try adding some texture to the wedding dress with accessories in seersucker, linen, chambray etc. Feel free to get rid of the socks.

It is recommended that you wear:

  • Navy Plaid Linen Pocket Square
  • Seersucker Necktie
  • Blue Dress Shirt
  • Tan Suit
  • Brown Suede Shoes

Weddings that are held during the summer months, spring, daytime and humid weather, need a more casual dress code. A lot of the change, however, is reflected in the structure and material of the style, instead of the style.


 dress code wedding attire
image by wedding wire

In many weddings, couples going to wed set expectations. They pick a dress code that wedding guests – generally the ones coming on invitation – are supposed to follow. Some of the dress codes happen to be clear, but other options for wedding dress code leave much to the interpretation of individuals. Do not allow a wedding dress code make you scared enough to skip the event altogether. Rather, you can follow this guide to know how to dress up for each wedding attire code round the season.

Black Tie Wedding Attire

black tie wedding attire men
Image by Friar Tux

It is a specific and formal dress code that comprises of:

  • White tux shirt
  • Black tuxedo
  • Black bow tie

Do not go for neckties or bright colors. You can try various other ways to make yourself look outstanding. Try wearing a tux shirt having a collar with a fold-down style, to get a sophisticated appearance. You can use the chance to accessorize in various minor ways.

Add to your outfit:

  • Button studs
  • Suspenders
  • Pocket square

For men, black tie wedding dress is about personalization in a low-key way.

To sum up, you can wear:

  • Black tuxedo
  • White tuxedo shirt
  • Black bow tie
  • Black patent leather shoes
  • Cufflinks


  • Suspenders (optional)
  • Button studs (optional)
  • Pocket square (optional, in B&W)

The tuxedo stands for class and sophistication. Over time, wedding dress codes have become less rigid. That said, black tie serves as the basis of the formal outfits. A formal wedding these days includes a regular tuxedo.

Dinner Jacket

A regular tux includes a dinner jacket of black color, composed out of superior mid-weight wool. The jacket arrives with a shawl or peak lapel, and minus any vents. There is a grosgrain or satin finish that provides the matte jacket with a slight sheen contrast. Midnight blue happens to be a wonderful alternative, whereas bolder colors and on-beat prints may be added to the combination – particularly with velvet and other variations of the material. Balance a black trouser always with the bold jacket.

Tuxedo Trousers

Trousers traditionally come with a grosgrain stripe moving down the leg-out seam and matching the lapels. Choose a flat styled front that sits high over the waist and avoid belt loops on the trousers.

Dinner Shirt

The front of the shirt may be plain, allowing a cleaner appearance. In case you need anything fancier, opt for a pleated front. If you want a textured touch which will not overwhelm your appearance, opt for a classic Marcella fabric.

You may also like these:

As a thumb rule, turn the collars down – which is better for a black tie look in these days, unless it is extremely formal. Buttons may be on display, as in a French placket, or hidden – as in a fly front.

Tuxedo Shoes

Black shoes go best with a black tie look. For the puritans, classic shoes are pump footwear with a silk or satin bow atop. However, these are quite rare in the modern times. Rather, choose lace-ups of black leather. Patent leather gives a fashionable sheen. It is better to be as simple as possible. Avoid chunky heels, contrast soles and other leather shoe trends, as well as brogue punch holes. Choose velvet slippers if you are putting on velvet.


For a classic black tie look, the better option happens to be a self-tie bow tie without any clip-on. Puritans match bows – made of silk, velvet or satin material – to the lapel of the jacket. When you wear a cummerbund or a waistcoat, ensure that the pleats face up. Complete the look with superior cufflinks. If you wish to be outstanding in the wedding, a silk scarf, lapel pin or pocket square can be ideal. In case you wish to add a subtle touch of winter, a silk scarf can be a great option.

Black Tie Optional Wedding Outfit

Here, the black tie is not optional in form. This type of dress code basically allows guests at a wedding off the hook in case they cannot absolutely put on a tuxedo. In such cases, a tie and dark suit would be an acceptable choice for optional black tie wedding dress for men. However, if you can, you should put on a tux. But you may dress down by trying a B&W bow tie in a pattern or a black colored satin necktie. You may also combine it with a midnight blue colored tuxedo.

It is recommended that you wear:

  • White dress shirt or tuxedo shirt
  • B&W necktie or satin bow tie
  • Midnight blue or black tuxedo
  • Cufflinks
  • Black patent leather shoes
  • Pocket square (optional)

Creative Black Tie Wedding Outfit

It is a formal dress for weddings, but goes easy on the rules. Tuxes can nicely fit in with Creative Black Tie. However, if you want you may slightly branch out. Dinner jackets are nice options, and both bow ties and neckties are good in low-key colors or patterns. In case you choose a suit instead, ensure that you dress up in order to conform to the ‘black tie’ aspect of the dress code.

You are suggested to wear:

  • Dinner jacket tuxedo
  • White dress shirt or tuxedo shirt
  • Pocket square
  • Cufflinks
  • Velvet loafers or Patent leather shoes

Cocktail Wedding Attire

If your workplace demands that you dress up in business casual, but you have to attend a wedding in the evening and cannot go to home to first change your dress, cocktail wedding attire can be the best option. This is a wonderful dress code covering all the bases. In case that appears to be vague, simply ensure that your dress exhibits slightly more personality than your regular 9 to 5 office job.

It is recommended that you put on:

  • Solid color dress shirt
  • Blue or Navy suit
  • Pocket square
  • Cufflinks
  • Tie clip (optional)
  • Bow tie or Necktie (patterns optional)
  • Brown or Black leather shoes

Cocktail attires lie between semi-formal and smart casual. Customize it to the time of the day and the season, for wedding events. Suits in tweed materials and heavier wools are more suitable for winter. Suits made of seersucker, linen and cotton may be worn during the summer months. Opt for dark colors for weddings during the night. For the daytime, choose light colors like cream, white, smoky grey and beige.

Casual Wedding Attire

It can be risky to print the word “casual” over a wedding invitation. However, casual wedding dresses – when it comes to men – needs at least a blazer and dress slacks. However, a dress shirt and a suit will obviously check the boxes. You have to ensure that your overall look appropriately meshes in a calm ambience whereas befitting the once-in-a-lifetime event that a wedding is.

You are recommended to put on:

  • Dress shirt (patterns or solids)
  • Suit (not black)
  • Necktie (optional, although recommended)
  • Suede belt (optional)
  • Cufflinks (optional)
  • Brown suede shoes
  • Pocket Square

The term ‘Smart casual’ assumes a more refined significance at wedding events. Dress-wise, it means you may relax the tailoring to the best possible extent whereas still looking at dresses that have been put together with a lot of thought. Choose something that is stylish and comfortable in a laid-back sense.

Semi-Formal Wedding Attire

semi formal wedding outfits for men
Image by Man of Many

These days, this type of dress code is more popularly requested from invited wedding guests. This can be the safest bet in case no code is mentioned. It happens to be less rigid than the formal black tie event, although far from being casual.

You are recommended:


A semi-formal look rests on the foundation of a dark suit, 2-piece or 3-piece – whatever your choice is. Charcoal grey, navy and black are the options that are acceptable, particularly in winter. You can wear a suit of lighter color during the summer season, and in the daytime, but along with tie and socks.


You may choose:

  • Solid neutral color, such as blue, grey, black or white.
  • Soft pattern, such as lean windowpane check or pinstripe
  • Demure jacquard, a fabric woven into a motif with patterns

Ensure that the shirt is pressed, clean and crisp. The collar should not be floppy, but always sharp.


Oxfords can be the footwear of choice for a semi-formal ensemble. If you want anything slightly bolder, wear monk strap shoes having shades of black or brown. Finally, you have to ensure that the shoes you wear are clean, polished well and the best looking.


Even as you stick to the semi-formal clothes mentioned above, you may introduce your own style. Try various creative touches across the pocket squares, ties and socks. When you are in doubt, try a material contrast such as suede monk or knitted tie rather than a colored shoe or a patterned tie. Go for a subtle, although brilliant, texture.

White Tie Wedding Outfit

In case you are participating in or have got an invitation to a wedding event that needs you to wear white tie, you are surely a big shot. It is the most formal type of outfit, which indicates tails over the jacket.

You are advised to put on:

  • Waistcoat (a type of vest having lapels)
  • Button studs
  • Black tuxedo pants
  • Wing tip tuxedo shirt
  • White bow tie
  • Black tailcoat
  • Black patent leather shoes

No Dress Code Attire

If you like to dress in a proper way, but happen to be the guest, you would probably not try to outshine the rest of the attended ones. A tux could obviously be overdoing everything. Thus, aim anything that is between a cocktail and a casual wedding dress code.

You are suggested to put on:

  • Navy blue or Charcoal suit
  • Solid color or White dress shirt
  • No tie, Bow tie or Patterned necktie
  • Cufflinks
  • White pocket square
  • Brown leather shoes


wedding attire based on location
Image by Dylan Howell

Some locations are known to have an atmosphere that is very casual, while others need a more formal outfit.

Beach Wedding Attire

In case you have been to a beach venue for a wedding, you understand that is quite the Superbowl of khaki or tan suits. Although few things can be worse than getting in touch with that crowd, a camouflage or tan beach suit can be a good idea, you should consider a blue or light grey suit in case you would like to do your thing.

Cruise Ship Wedding Attire

Based on your wedding’s formality, a wedding on a cruise ship offers the best chance to break a white dinner jacket. The ivory colored jacket was created actually to be used in tropical weather. Even in case you are on an Alaskan cruise, a dinner jacket of white color would be an outstanding choice at a black tie optional wedding on a cruise ship.

Watch the dress and weather accordingly in case of a more relaxed dress code. In cool weather, wear suits of darker color. In warm weather, wear suits of a lighter color.

Mountain Top Wedding Outfit

In high altitudes, the temperature is going to be colder than at the mountain base. You would like to restrict yourself to dark colors, even in case the dress code is not formal and at tuxedo level. A 3-piece suit is a good move for some additional warmth. Add a tie having a suitably rugged texture that can complete your overall look.

Garden Wedding Attire

The natural choice in this case is to opt for a light colored suit with a floral patterned tie. Try to look for a tie having a subtle floral pattern, in case you can get anything like that. Else, it can be good to start with a suit that is not very dark, and is in blue or grey color. Suits in those colors will complement about any tie or accessory that you pick up.


daytime wedding outfit for men
Image by Dylan M Howell

You can dress appropriately when you know the time when the wedding is supposed to begin.


It is risky to wear a black tuxedo at a wedding held during the daytime. The heat of the sun will be absorbed by the black fabric. A tuxedo is not entirely off-limits for wedding attire for the daytime. When it comes to a tuxedo, it is better to wear one of a wedding held in the late-afternoon. A lighter colored suit can be a smart, safe bet for a wedding held earlier during the daytime.


Night is the best time when you have to wear a dark suit and tie. A tuxedo can be a safe option in case you happen to be the groom or know the style of the couple going to wed. However, a navy or charcoal suit can always be a fantastic choice for wedding attire for the evening.


Image by The Knot

There are diverse wedding themes that can be actually introduced into wedding events throughout the year. Here is a guide on choosing wedding attire according to the theme of a wedding.

Rustic Wedding Attire

You can use varied textures, such as a basic bow tie of plaid linen or a wool necktie. If you are a guest, you can choose a darker suit. Tanned colored suits are great for rustic wedding party guest attires. A navy or charcoal suit can bring out the luster of the brass cufflinks you need to wear. You will also find these events befitting to wear a 3-piece suit.

Nautical Wedding Attire

You can wear outfits with stripes, and choose from colors like white, blue and navy colors. Take some inspiration from the outfits of sailors, past and present, and allow your clothes to talk for you. Striped clothes work well in making your dresses look good.

Vintage Wedding Attire

Vintage weddings accommodate pattern and colors more than regular wedding events. These weddings are the best chances for you to bring out all those unique accessories that you have been handed down generations – such as that stylish boutonniere lapel pin from your grandfather or the cufflinks from your grandfather.

You can use weddings of vintage theme to wear your favorites, although avoid wearing them too loud.

Holiday Wedding Attire

These are the best choices for people who like to wear subtle reminders of the festive motifs of the day, such as Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day, Hanukkah or Christmas. Although your attire should reflect the festive occasion, avoid wearing something as obvious as a Santa suit.


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