Most Popular Style Statements Made By David Beckham

Most Popular Style Statements Made By David Beckham

Memorable Style Statements (and lessons) from David Beckham

When it comes to looks that can kill, David Beckham is a name everyone would remember. The former footballer is famous for two things: sport and fashion. For decades, he has been identified as one of the industry’s best dressed athletes. Even today, Beckham is recognized around the world as a style icon. There is very little competition for his title. However, he has never stuck to a single style. Instead, Beckham is seen experimenting his looks, time after time. Now, let’s go through some of Beckham’s standard, and most stunning looks of all time.

The Wet Weather Trend!

David Beckham style rain umbrealla

In the year 2018, this look of Beckham became extremely famous. He wore a shearling lined-jacket, and a lightweight coat. This style showed how one can cope up with wet weather conditions like a true Brit!

A Time When he picked a leaf from Victoria’s Book!

David beckham style statement 2

Victoria Beckham is known for many things, but her style statement tops this list. She is famous for owning baggy fitting clothes. These play an important role in her eponymous label. When David Beckham had to attend one of Victoria’s fashion shows, he opted to choose a baggier, and bigger look. This time, he was owning a look that was much bigger than lady Beckham’s too. David Beckham was seen in a huge coat, which any ordinary man would have thought twice to wear.

Hanging Tuxedos

David Beckham Hanging Tuxedo style

How often would you come across men wearing, and owning hanging Tuxedos? Indeed, this is a very difficult style to carry forward. But, Beckham had no issues wearing this difficult style back in the year 2017. He was seen at the amfAR Gala in a velvet hanging Tuxedo. The black tie added more charm to his entire look. To be more precise, the black tie suited his look like a “glove”.

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With Kicks?

Beckham featured double breasted sans tie, along with Dior kicks

Another interesting style statement made by Beckham featured double breasted sans tie, along with Dior kicks. Once again, this was a time when Beckham chose to redefine the rules of style. The Dior kicks were both white, and shiny. And, the suit he wore was completely black. Indeed, the combination was “alarming”, but perfect on Mr. Beckham.

Leather jacket!

David Beckham leather jacket and ripped stylish jeans

One of Beckham’s most common style wear would be the leather jacket. He has been seen a number of times in this outfit. In fact, the leather jacket is paired with ripped jeans. This combination works well during winter, and fall.

The 80’s Fashion

David Beckham fashion trend 80s style

Finally, you will find David in many outfits that are inspired by the ’80s fashion. For example, the baggier pants, and bulky accessories resemble the ’80s trend. Many times, you will also find the footballer in track pants, and windbreakers too.


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