Natural bodybuilding plan for women


Women like men should exercise daily to be fit. This helps them to strengthen their muscles, bones and lead a comfortable, disease-free life. Is it necessary to hit the gym to enjoy having a well-toned body? Consulting an experienced fitness expert can help you derive a natural bodybuilding regimen that suits your needs and health. The benefits are varied by following carefully crafted plans. You can enjoy improved fitness, better health, toning and shaping. It also impacts positively your mental health, thus enjoying greater confidence and self-esteem.


Before starting your daily exercise, you need to first warm-up your body for about 3-5 minutes. This is crucial to prepare your body for the rigorous exercises you are to perform next. You can put on some nice music to keep you motivated all the time. Your objective is to your body joints in every possible manner it can move.

Workout plan to follow

1A – Wide Hand press-up

Targets: Chest

Reps 15, Sets 3

Keep hands & knees on floor with wider hands. Bend elbows to lower down chest and push back to straighten your arms.

To increase intensity gets support with toes and hands with extended legs.

1B – Wide Squat

Targets: Quads, Glutes

Reps 15, Sets 3

Increase your feet width and stand with toes turned out. Then bend at knees with hips pushed back while lowering until thighs get parallel to floor. Stand back up and push through heels.

To increase intensity, stand on looped with your heels on a resistance band. Loop over back of shoulders to enhance resistance while standing back up.

2A – Triceps Dip

Targets: Triceps

Reps 15, Sets 3

With hands kept behind sit on the ground. Point fingertips towards the back and palms down, bend at elbows, lowering your torso. Use upper arms back part to push back up until arms get straightened.

To increase intensity, keep hands on a chair or some raised platform and start exercise by taking your bottom from the floor.

2B – Bicep curl

Targets: Biceps

Reps 15, Sets 3

Stand straight. In each hand, hold weight at body sides. Arms should be straight with palms facing forwards. Tighten your upper arms and keep it close to upper body and bend at elbows. This gives weight to your shoulders. Then, reverse movement very slowly.

To increase intensity use resistance bands by anchoring it under your feet.

3A – Side Raise

Targets: Shoulder

Reps 15, Sets 3

Place both hands by your body sides holding weight and palms faced in. Now, lift weights out to sides, enabling your body to become T-shape. Then, lower weights to back of sides.

To increase intensity, isolate one arm, one by one. Anchor resistance band under right foot, held in right hand. Then repeat on other side.

3B – Landed Lunge

Targets: Calves, Quads and Glutes

Reps 15, Sets 3

Keep knees hip-width apart and kneel on floor. Lift right foot, placing it before your right hip and right knee kept at 90 degrees. Then, tuck left foot toes under and extend both legs fully to lift your body. Bring right knee to kneeling point and repeat using left leg.

To increase intensity, anchor resistant band under your front foot. Keep the band in your hands and maintain tension.

4A – Leg Lift

Targets: Quads, Hips

Reps 15, Sets 3

Bending your knees, sit on floor and keep both feet flat. Lift lower right leg with knees together until leg gets straightened. Lower slowly entire right leg to floor and lift it, enabling your knee to be close to one another. Then repeat on another side.

To increase intensity, use both legs simultaneously. Keep hands behind you on the floor to support your torso.

4B – Glute Bridge

Targets: Hamstrings, glutes, lower back

Reps 15, Sets 3

First lie with your back on the ground with knees in bend position. Place feet hip-width apart on floor, close to bottom. Then lift hips higher by pushing through heels. Hold and lower.

To increase intensity, raise first leg off floor to take the help of another to lift up hips.

5A – Back Extension

Targets: Upper back

Reps 15, Sets 3

Place hands behind head and lie on floor on your front. Raise chest and return to start position.

To increase intensity, hold in elevated position and extend arms behind you.

5B – Sit-up with twist

Targets: Obliques, Abs

Reps 15, Sets 3

With bent knees, lie with your back on the ground. Keep feet flat on floor while using your hands to support your head, raise your torso. Then, rotate it to right, back to centre. Next lower it down slowly to floor and repeat with left side.

To increase intensity, during lift as well as lower phase, hover feet off floor.

Stretch Sequence

Each stretch should be held for at least 10 seconds to derive the best results and performed twice.

  • Chest Stretch: First sit on floor and place hands behinds you. Until you feel stretch, edge bottom forward, chin upwards and chest forwards.
  • Quad Stretch: With bent right knee, lie on floor and move right foot towards bottom. Hold it with right hand. Place hips on floor to ease right heel upwards and back. Then repeat on left side.
  • Triceps Stretch: Place right arm up. Then bend at elbow region to ‘walk’ hand down spine. Use left hand to apply pressure to right elbow and ease right arm further. Repeat on left side.
  • Biceps Stretch: Place right arm in extended position before you with inner elbow up and palm forwards. Ease gently fingers on right hand back with left hand and repeat on left side.
  • Glute Stretch: First, sit on floor and extend legs in front. Then with bent right knee, place right foot on outside of left leg. Now ease right knee towards body with left arm’s crook. Repeat on left side.

Following the above natural bodybuilding regimen will allow you to strengthen your muscles and enjoy having a fit body.


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