How to dress in the summer?

A question a priori simple, but a somewhat complex answer … Indeed, no sweater or coat to visually enhance your outfit.

Often, it’s just one piece of clothing you’ll have on your upper body. So there are two pitfalls to avoid when getting dressed in the summer:

to have a too restrained outfit. Yes, just like a classic T-shirt and chino …
think that the summer atmosphere (relaxation, relaxation, etc …) allows a neglected outfit.
And yet … when one knows how to look, the brands’ summer collections offer beautiful materials with blends of linen, cotton, and sometimes even silk or wool.

We will see in this guide how to dress in summer, from head to toe (and it rhymes!).


A priori, dress in summer, it’s simple. Pants, and a top or even a little jacket in addition and that’s it +.

We say that the possibilities are limited and … it’s true rather in a sense because, as I said, no mid-layer or mesh to wear in summer, all the less visual elements to your service.

In my opinion, the style in summer, it is done in two stages:


What is summer style for most men?

a usual chino,
a simple shirt that comes out of the pants, with rolled-up sleeves,
a white T-shirt, or an improbable colour because we heard that we had to put colour in summer,
and that’s all!
It is a shame to do that because it is playing the security thoroughly, and it is missing out on many exciting possibilities.

Let’s take this example of the famous Instagram Phil Cohen:

Admittedly, it makes a very good picture, but it is an outfit that lacks a bit of personality, because of two pieces too simple. Fortunately, the outfit is a little accessorized with the watch and the glasses!

That’s why I’m not very fond of having a too simple outfit in summer.

It would be a bit like going to a starred restaurant and asking for steak fries. While the fries will be cooked to perfection, and the meat will be the best, but it’s still a shame not to be a little more adventurous in his tastes.

Well the style in summer is the same, either we stay in the ease, or we take advantage of the season to have fun a little more: put patterns and pretty colours.

That said, this style is very sober and casual, it can be very cool. But it requires very, very nice, but very rough materials (ie Japanese materials in most cases).

The ABCL Garments brand perfectly represents this style, and that’s why we collaborated twice with it.

The colours are very simple: grey, olive, beige, blue and white. The design of the pieces is simple too, but the materials are so impeccable that when everything is worn together, the result is very nice!

Here is the ABCL style summarized in a single photo, note the highly worked materials:

And you see me coming: in this style, the Japanese materials are queens, thanks to their irregular weaving and their casual appearance. That’s why we use a lot at BonneGueule, whether for pants or shirt.

To master this style, there is nothing very complicated finally …

Just wear a chino with a casual shirt. Roll up the sleeves of his shirt and roll the bottom of his pants +.

I know you’re looking for a shattering revelation or a convoluted method, but I assure you that in step 1 it’s as simple as that.

For example, with a beige chino, whether you’re wearing a chambray shirt or an oxford shirt, it’s not going to change much.

What counts, again, is really the quality of the materials. When I say “quality of materials”, it is necessary to understand “a beautiful fabric, with a visual aspect worked”.

Still at ABCL, a very good example of the work of the materials (swipe on the left to see the second photo):

So much for the first step.

But the summer is an opportunity to have a little fun and put a little fun in his outfit!

Let’s see how …


So, once the basics are there, what else can we do? Wear tap shoes instead of shoes? Tank tops instead of shirts?

Of course not!

In fact, we’ll have to add two more things: patterns and colour.

(And on the side of accessories like bracelets or jewels, I covered the subject entirely in a Clothes Talk )

And we will specifically target the upper body.

As far as pants and Bermudas are concerned, I advise you to stay in a relatively wise colour palette, such as beige, olive or shades of blue, but to put the package on beautiful materials. But that, we talk about it in a moment.

Finally, the piece that will dress the top of your body is the one that will set the tone for your outfit, and we will see together what are your possibilities.


You know me, I love merino wool t-shirts, to the point of having created three colours for ours. And you now know the thermoregulatory virtues of merino wool for the summer.

What is it really?

For my part, wearing merino wool T-shirt at 30 ° C is possible, I have done many times (and I do it again without problem), but it is clear that wearing T-shirt cotton and/or linen is more airy and pleasant.

In other words: you can keep your merino t-shirts for the summer! But if you are still very sensitive to the heat, take a t-shirt airier.


To make sure you have the T-shirt for you, Michel has prepared a very, very, very complete t-shirt shopping guide. Quality, material, size, brand selection … everything is there already.

It is, therefore, unnecessary for me to dwell on it.

“Polo is good Benoit, it’s casual, but it’s also classy!”

This is the usual joke about polo.

And those who have been reading me for several years know that I classify this piece among the “false friends of the style”, these pieces which are false good ideas.


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