it seemed to be useful to present a new series of articles focusing this time on watches that represent a good compromise, in the context of a particular context, such as holidays or dress occasions.

So I responded to the challenge of choosing what represents for me the best compromise taking into account qualities, price but also style through a selection of eight new mechanical watches.

I must admit that I have always been disappointed by the selections of watches offered in traditional media where the advertising model predominates.

To read the different selections, all the watches are invariably “iconic”, “timeless”, respect “the DNA of the brand” or the “traditions of excellence” and other copy-pasted continually reproduced on all brands and on all the models.

Rather than remain on this dissatisfaction, I wish to offer you my own selection of watches: the ones I appreciate (after having tried them personally or who are, at least, possessed by colleagues and friends of Forumamontres and after having exchanged with them to have their feedback in addition to my own impression to wear) and that I would recommend to my loved ones.

The months of July and August are on our doorstep, for this first edition I selected watches that will be adapted to one (and even several) summers. Hoping for you it will be sunny, cocktails, meetings, beach, adventure, swimming or even diving.

If divers are the ultimate summer watches, it is important to provide a slightly more precise definition before going on to the selection itself.


If the navies of the whole world were already equipped with marine watches since several centuries – Ulysse Nardin being moreover a recognized watchmaker in the field of marine chronometers since the 19th century – it is only in 1927 that the first watch waterproof wristwatch appeared thanks to Rolex (with the famous Oyster case).

There is an ISO standard (International Organization for Standardization), the ISO 6425, which gives a precise definition: a diver or a diving watch is a “wristwatch to withstand a dive into the water at a depth of ‘at least 100 m and having a time control system’.

To be quite honest, I find the standard in question quite restrictive … It serves mainly as a guarantee of seriousness to certain brands. The mention “Diver”, that is to say, diving watch, is not present on the Rolex but that does not prevent them from being real divers and more qualitative than what the ISO dictates. Simply because Rolex, like Omega, can emancipate because of higher standards.

In short, diving watches must be strong and waterproof, and they are perfect companions for our holidays and for saving the world.

ISO standards are important in the context of the standardization of industrial processes or quality control and obviously for the needs of professional diving but – as part of this selection – we will not go so far as to make it the absolute norm, the essential prerequisite of this selection is the water resistance to 100 meters minimum .

In my eyes, these watches must especially allow you to enjoy your holidays … with a style that a more or less secret agent would not disdain.


So I propose a selection of eight watches 2, which will take into account different budgets.

The prices are increasing but the important thing remains the comments and the appreciations: some divers are elegant, others are versatile and still, others have advanced technical characteristics. But all are mechanical watches.

It is not a question of opposing quartz watches to mechanical watches, as I said in a previous article, this competition no longer has to be seen that mechanical watches have largely taken up the advantage. I also wish by this selection to show you that a reliable and waterproof mechanical watch is available for all budgets.

Instead of offering only the official photos, which are nevertheless preserved as a criterion of comparison (you can appreciate the difference elsewhere), I will provide in this article systematically several of my own photographs of watches, some of which to wear so that you can have at least a realistic overview of these watches and not to base this article on internet sources or on the basis of press kits.

Finally, rather than present models already seen and reviewed in forums like Orient Mako 3, the Seiko SKX007J and Seiko Turtle or the Seiko Sumo and MarineMaster for example, I will rather make you dive with other timepieces, without falling into the opposite excess with totally unknown models or limited edition.

Now prepare your oxygen tanks and dive!


Lip is an old brand that conciliated both the excellence of French watches, innovation but also a quality industrial production that allowed to make its products available and for all budgets.


The Hamilton Khaki Scuba is a watch that we speak relatively little and which is nevertheless very successful aesthetically for its price. Its diameter of 40 mm allows great versatility for different wrists. 7 The model is available in three versions: orange, black and blue. The one with the blue bezel caught my attention more than the other two, but it’s strictly a matter of taste.


First of all, do not trust the official picture of this watch (which I highlight like all the other watches in the selection): I think this picture is very little representative of this little nugget from Seiko. The Seiko Prospex collection has some interesting and well-known watches, but the one that attracted me most recently is this Diver, which has been a nice discovery.


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