Peaky Blinders Haircut & Hairstyle Guide For Men

A Guide to get Peaky Blinders Haircuts

How to get peaky blinders haircut

Peaky blinders haircut is now the most stylish things.  There are many with harshly shaved sides and backs, and there is variation in the style. Some have peaky blinders haircut presenting a simple side parting, while other come with a slicked-back hair and a quaff, while others with a French textured crop.

The Peaky world was set in the post-war era by shaving heads to avoid lice. This haircut helped to prevent lice spread between troops.

What to Ask For

Consider a barber who is familiar with peaky blinder’s look. Ask to give a disconnected undercut. Go for a short cut on the sides and back, if you are really confident. Decide the length of the hair to keep it worn forwards or closed to the face or the head.

Styling Tips

  • A hair texture that is straighter presents a better dressing as you keep the hair from falling on your face. Use wax or pomade. Remember to avoid comb marks, use a Tangle Teezer.
  • Freezy hair enjoys the benefits of using a light oil to keep it sleek.

The advantage of getting a peaky blinder’s haircut is that it looks sharp. You have fewer obstacles, fewer lice risk, and no hindrance while fighting. The peaky blinders haircut is a definite style statement, team it with a flat cap and a smart suit.

Styling an undercut

An undercut requires every few weeksof maintenance to keep it appear neat. Only then it makes sense to do it at home yourself. Of course, you may require an extra hand to help you.

A Guide to get Peaky Blinders Haircut

Peaky Blinders Cast Hairstyles
  • Use Gillette All Purpose shaver to trim your hair at the sides and back. Do it close to your head such that it should be comfortable. You can choose 2mm, 4 mm, or 6 mm for a preferred length.
  • Position yourself before a mirror, and place another mirror behind. It is helpful as you get to see the backside of your head.
  • Always begin in the center. Remove at a time a bit of your hair. You can take away more, and it means the regrowth time will be more. Thus, concentrate at a time only on one side of the head. Keep working in your face direction.
  • Take advantage of the precision trimmer of Gillette Styler and give your hairstyle a sharp finish.

Tips to grow Undercut

With an undercut, you find it is not for you implies you must grow it. The length between the sides, back, and the top are in varying lengths. You have to consider clever styling.

  • Wear a man bun, until you get all your hair cut in one length.
  • If you dislike undercut, try a buzzcut. Use Gillette Styler comb and do hair trimming close to your head.
  • If you are considering a clean-shaven head, use a foam or shaving gel to get a comfortable and smooth finish.

How to Get Peaky Blinders Haircut Perfectly

How to get Tom Shelby hairstyle

Tom Shelby Peaky Blinders Hairstyle

Go for an undercut with a textured top and number three sides. Keep the textured top long to style into a short side fringe in the forward.

How to get Arthur Shelby haircut

Arthur Shelby Hairstyle Peaky Blinders

Get a disconnected undercut having on the sides a number one and a top that can slick back.

How to get John Shelby haircut

John Shelby Hairstyle from Peaky Blinders

Get the hair sides shaved to a zero and a short top cropped with enough length to have a side style.

How to get Michael Gray hairstyle

Michael Gray haircut peaky blinders

Get a formal style with side-part cut, and it should taper from a low fade into smooth, longer waves on top.


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