Questioning Chest Hair: To Groom or Not To Groom

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Fashion trends come & go very fast. Hence, what is in style now might not be present the next day or soon. But it is important for men of all ages to stay and appear look fashionable all the time to be favored by everyone. At times, it can be a new clothing style, change of hairstyle or an accessory. Even undertaking simple things can help transform you completely. One such trend that is considered to be the ultimate nowadays is the chest hair.

A few are of the strong belief that the chest hair is strongly connected with male fertility and testosterone. It is this part of the body that makes it attractive to partners belonging to the opposite gender. Since ages, exposing chest hair has fluctuated widely across diverse cultures incluiding the Western world.

So, the question is whether you should go ahead with grooming your chest hair or leave it like this to impress others!

Chest hair age & growth

Hair on men’s body starts to grow as they attain puberty age. You are likely to notice hair growing on the different parts of your body, especially the glandular areas. It includes pubes, pits and different patchy places present on the body.

Just imagine your entire body to be a linen cloth. Now assume that needles of different shapes and sizes are growing here & there exhibiting masculine charm.

Puberty, generally hits during teenage years. However, for some men, it could be much earlier, thus resulting in growth of wispy curls on the back, stubble and pit hair. This can take place even in boys of just 10 year old! Based on your genetics and diet, you may sport tuft of hair as you reach high school!

Any benefits associated with chest hair?

Deodorant developers and biologists across the globe consider hair growing in the body’s private regions to help reduce unwanted odors. Hair in itself, might act like a sanitizing cloth. But this might not apply to the chest directly.

You may perhaps be excited to display your proud waves & curls. If so, then it will be wise to trim and clean the area to make it more visible and neat looking. But does it offer any biological benefit?

Studies conducted have shown that body hair reflects reproductive potential of the potential mate. Hence, it is something that is desired or found attractive by women.

Does chest hair appear attractive to others?

Studies conducted also showed that body & facial hair are visually positive sexual traits that men tend to possess. However, it is not that having hair in the chest and other areas means women will simply fall for you!

She may be attracted towards chest day initially based on her own cycle and fertility. But after a few days, she could be repulsed by it completely. Grooming chest hair in the body especially around the pecs, areola and sternum region in men is found to be more attractive when compared to having a clean shave.

Tips to eliminate chest hair

What if you do not want to sport chest hair and interested to remove it? Then what should you do to remove it and what is the right way to do it? There exists several ways to eliminate unwanted hair similar to any hair removal or back hair removal process.

To remove chest hair, there exist two safe options that you can try without much hassle. Grab a kit or a razor and shave it gently on your own. If you do not feel confident, then you can see professional expertise. It is also a good option for those who have lots of hair on their chest. The well-trained professionals will use lasers and radiation to remove that pesky hair from the chest and other body parts.

The fact is neither of the options available to clean hair from the body can be termed to be worse or better. However, you do have options available and whether to go ahead or not with removing them is entirely your call!

At home

If you feel confident, you can buy a clipper set or a razor from the nearest store. Then smooth the area at your own comfortable pace. Go against grain like you do with your face when shaving. But shaving the region for the first time will make you feel scratchy and itchy sensation.

Also are available waxing kits to meet all budget and cleaning requirements. Do research on them and find out what exactly you require to eliminate chest hair.

The kits are considered to be the simplest hair removal forms available in the market and allow you to make several personal choices. You are free to determine the tools used, how you wish to look and the speed. The DIY packs do offer you with more control. Being a first-timer, you need to be careful with using the packs to avoid nasty cuts and injuries.

Professional assistance

Although an impersonal approach, it is very much convenient, quick and offers better results. If seeking long-lasting smoothness and quick removal tips, then this is indeed the best approach to be taken. You may contact the local spa treatment or dermatologist to do the needful.

There is also no need to understand in-depth about the lengths or styles preferred. If you find it difficult, you may choose to eliminate hair from other body parts like the neck, back, pubic region, nose and ears. You are provided with limitless customization options along with nice clean feeling.

Upkeep vs. Style

Remember, trying to groom your chest hair using a product will not provide similar result as upkeep. Here, upkeep means cleaning, trimming as well maintaining proper body hair standards. Maintaining upkeep is crucial, be it chin, chest or other regions. When growing and exhibiting curls is concerned, it needs to be your main priority.

Style is the second factor to consider. Whether adding products to groom curls, doing coloring to derive that more vibrant, younger hue or being natural, do identify your style. Fads & trends can be fun-filled. However, being yourself will help you to be attractive.

Chest hair biologically is found to be attractive. Rather, it is termed to be a symbol of mating potential, virility and masculinity. It also portrays protest, confidence, personal preference and your view of attractiveness.


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