Ten buzz cut styles to know before you shave your head


Top 10 trending buzz cut styles for men: Men’s hairstyles 2019

Buzz cuts are basically a wide variety of haircut styles that includes only short hair. So short that the hair is clipped very close to head using razor or electric clipper. These hairstyles are easiest to manage and maintain. Buzzed hairstyles look great only on specific face type. Oval shaped and rectangular faces are usually recommended these hairstyles.

Buzz cuts are perfect for those who want to display their masculine facial features. There are many types of buzz cuts in the market based on the size of hair and location of cuts. We have listed some of the best buzz cuts that can suit your style.

1. Military induction cut hairstyle

As the name indicates, this haircut is originated from the military, In fact, the whole idea of buzz cut comes from military. It is achieved by clipper without applying guard. You can also use razor if you want shorter hair. All the military trainees and cadets are given induction cuts.

Military induction cut hairstyle
Military induction cut hairstyle

2. Crew Cut hairstyle

The crew cut is not as tight as induction cuts. The hair are tapered on the side and behind the head while the hair of the front and top looks slightly longer because they are clipped towards the sides of the head. This haircut looks great on oval faces.

crew cut hairstyle
crew Cut hairstyle

3. Faded Cut

This cut is slightly more severe than other cuts. Usually it starts with naked ears and builds a small line of hair to the top. Looks real good when some hair grow out after this cut. Don’t apply this if there is any wound or bumps on your neck and sides of head as they will be completely naked.

faded cut hairstyle
faded cut hairstyle

4. Burr Cut hairstyle

It is a little softer version of military induced buzz cut. With hair little longer, it is obtained by using razor in number 1. It gives a real mature look when facial hairs are managed according to burr cut. The only cons of this cut is that it needs continuous maintenance and you have to check it regularly.

burr cut hairstyle
burr cut hairstyle

5. Butch Cut

Butch cut is similar to Buzz cut but with longer hairs. An electric clipper with guard placed on number 4 gives you a real clean and stylish look without giving any effect of baldness. The best thing about this is that it does not require as much attention as for the other the other buzz cuts.

Butch cut haristyle
butch cut hairstyle

6. Tight and High Cut

tight and high cut hairstyle
tight and high cut hairstyle

High and tight cut resembles undercut a lot. But with extremely short hair and dimensions. Some call it the shorter version of undercut. This cut is more versatile and gives a stylish as well as mature look. Most of your head-sides and back remains almost shaved while top covered with small-length hairs.

7. Mohawk-Inspired Cut

Mohawk-Inspired Cut
Mohawk-Inspired Cut

In Mohawk cut, there is extremely small strip of hair that starts from of the head and goes to the back. All of the other portion of the head remains completely shaved or covered with very small hair. You have to keep in mind the dimensions of hair to distinguish it from other Mohawk hairstyles.

8. Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut hairstyle
Caesar Cut

If you like buzz cut but also want to style it, then go for Caser cut. In this style, your hair are cut in the form of a horizontal fringe in front of the head and all the other things are same as normal buzz cut but with slightly longer hair.

9. Hard part buzz Cut

hard part buzz cut hairstyle
hard part buzz cut

Some of the buzz cuts give a feeling of dry and dullness but this does not mean you can’t induce excitement in it. Just place a razor to create a border of wide width between hard top and shaved sides. Keep the line distinct from both of them.

10. Receding Hairline cut

receding hairline cut hairstyle
receding hairline cut

For those who have a receding hairline, this buzz cut can develop a great style for them. It will display your balding area as a style and highlights the facial features as well.


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