The 10 Best Triceps Exercises For Size

The 10 Best Triceps Exercises For Size

10 Best Mass Building Triceps Exercises

The triceps are among the most functional arm muscles, and work as antagonists to the biceps, and are responsible for making the arm stronger around the elbow. Whether you throw a punch or handle anyone off in a rugby match, strong and big triceps can come to your advantage. Bigger triceps improve the glamour of the arms, and can give you those ripped and muscular arms that are part of a perfect beach body. Here are the top 10 exercises that can add mass to your triceps.

1. Triceps Bench Dips

man doing triceps bench dips
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These are the easiest to carry out, and are undoubtedly the best of the triceps exercises. Place two flat benches parallel to one another, and kept apart by 30 inches. Put the feet over a bench and the hands on another in a raised push-up posture. Bend the arms and lower down your body between two benches. Lower your body as much as you comfortably can. Stay for a moment in this position, and then push back yourself into the original position. You can put a weight over your back to make the exercise more intense.

2. Triceps Dumbbell Kick Backs

triceps dumbbell kick backs exercise

It is another important exercise for the tricep muscles, given that it makes those muscles contract the most. Stand adjacent to an exercise bench of flat shape with a light dumbbell in a hand. Bend over until your upper body happens to be in a parallel position to the floor. Place a hand over the bench to support your body. When you carry out this workout, ensure that your upper arm is kept along the torso side. Elevate the dumbbell with your forearm only, in an arc like movement with the arm kept straightened. Stay in this posture for 1 – 2 seconds to make your triceps contract the most.

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3. Triceps Push Downs

woman doing triceps push down exercise
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You have to affix a bar to a pulley overhand, to perform the setup for this workout. Directly stand before the pulley and keep the feet at shoulder width apart. Use a narrow overhand grip to hold the bar. Bend the arms completely and pull the elbows close to your body’s sides. Move the forearms only and move down them in an arc like movement until the arms are fully straightened. Remain in this posture and squeeze the tricep muscles for 1 – 2 seconds. Next, gradually lower the arms to the starting posture.

4. Close Grip Bench Press

close grip barbell triceps press
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It is a basic tricep exercise that can easily be performed. It can add more definition to the muscles of your arms. Lie on the back, with feet kept flat over the floor and separated one shoulder wide. Grab the bar at slightly less width than one shoulder distance. Straighten the arms, elevate the barbell and place it at arm’s length over the lower chest. Lower it to the chest level and keep the upper arms near to the torso. Push back the bar into the original position. Never allow the barbell to bounce off the chest.

5. Decline Skull Crushers

decline skull crusher exercise

These necessitate more involvement of your tricep muscle fibers. With this workout, more training response is triggered. Thus, it is at the top when it comes to adding more mass to tricep muscles.

6. Tricep Cable Pressdown

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Keep the hands one shoulder wide while gripping the cable. Ensure that you are a few steps before the machine. The bar should almost touch the forehead and then you have to lean ahead and pull it to the ground for the first rep. Squeeze the triceps while locking the elbows at the bottom. When you perform the reps, use a full range of motion. This will maximize the benefits of your exercise. Bring up the bar as far as you can, and far enough to the bar bottom for locking your elbows out.

 7. Close Grip Push Up

close grip push ups triceps exercise

This is a fantastic workout that target the tricep muscles. Hold the arms slightly closer than you do in a regular push up. Lower the body to around two inches off the surface of the ground, and then return. Perform as many reps as possible.

8. 3-Tricep Head Exercises

The long head, lateral head and medial head are the 3 components of the triceps. You may target specifically some parts of the triceps through the type of exercise that you choose. But the best tricep workouts for building more lass are those that make use of all the three heads. When you lift any heavy sized load, all the tricep heads are used.

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The tricep’s lateral head is on the humerus’ exterior side and helps in curving the arm while you look from the front section. The long head runs along the humerus’ bottom and happens to be the largest of the three tricep heads. It is an essential muscle to hit when you train the triceps for the purpose of muscle building. The triceps’ medial head runs along the humerus’ inside and offers more definition towards the direction of the elbow.

9. Triangle push-ups

handsome man doing triangle push ups for triceps size

It is called so due to the fact that your palms have to be in a triangular shape when you are performing the workout. It is a fantastic compound exercise for the tricep muscles, which lays a stronger emphasis on the triceps as well as the pectorals or chest muscles. While doing push-ups, the closer you keep the palms to each other, the more the focus that you lay on the triceps.

10. Lying barbell extension

lying barbell extension triceps exercise

Choose a barbell that you want, and also get a flat bench. Lie flat down on your back over the bench. Grab the barbell with a grip that is a little less wider than shoulder width. Next, directly raise the barbell over the face. Keep the arms extended completely. Gradually bring down the bar, bending only the elbow until it is at a right angle and the bar is just inches away from face.  Then extend the arms gradually, and completely again. Repeat the step as many times as comfortably possible. Do not have the muscles overworked.


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