The 5 Most Effective Exercises To Increase Forearm Size And Strength

best exercises for forearms

How to increase size of your forearm?

You have probably work your ass off to get wider chest and bigger biceps but are your forearms strong enough? If you have weak forearms, then it will restrict you to lift heavy weights and limit your body to perform complex exercises because weak forearm means weak grip. Bigger forearms allow you to continue your training with much ease by providing necessary grip.

How can you get bigger and stronger forearms? Well we have researched through the internet and consult experienced trainers to make the best workout plan to make your forearms stronger than ever.

You may have been training your forearms without even knowing it. Any exercise that involves gripping or pulling puts a great pressure to wrist flexors and fingers making it more powerful.

Follow this forearm workout plan for mass:

Wrist flexion

Wrist flexion exercise for forearms
Wrist flexion exercise

Dumbbell wrist flexion is usually considered as perfect exercise for forearms. It targets directly our flexors, boasting our gripping strength. Also, it harden our hands.

Just sit on a bench with arms lay still on your thighs and dumbbells in your both hands. Gently move the dumbbells up and down keeping your arm static. Don’t forget to stretch your hand as far as you can to get maximum advantage. Adjust weight which allows you to make 812 reps in a set. Try to do five sets with increasing weights in every set.

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Reverse curl 

Reverse curl  forearm exercise
Reverse curl exercise

Dumbbell reverse curl is again best known for forearms. This exercise hit muscles that assist in elbow flexion. It also grow your flexors.

Stand straight with your feet slightly wider than your shoulder width and grab the dumbbells in your both hands like you grip the handle of a bicycle. Keeping your back straight, move the weight upward as far as you can, then return it back to neutral position. Use manageable weight that gets you 812 reps in a set. Perform as many sets as you can. A lot of mistake many beginners make is use of shoulders, try to make your shoulders static.

Dumbbell walk

Dumbbell walk exercise for forearms
Dumbbell walk

This is the simplest exercise that you can do and the good thing is you can do it anywhere. All you have to do is grab weights in your both hands and walk straight. This exercise is to enhance gripping strength. The longer you walk with weights, the greater is your gripping strength.

Don’t try to take unequal weights in your hands as it puts more pressure on one shoulder and less on the other one which can cause you a serious injury. Also keep your back straight while walking.

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fit man doing hanging exercise
hanging exercise

A lot of people do this exercise to stretch their different body muscles and teenagers are recommended to do this to increase their height. Other than all that, it proves to be effective for forearms too.

Just found a straight bar and hang from it with your hands wider as your shoulder width for as long as you can. Don’t try to move your body as it can fracture your flexor muscles.

Rope pull-up hang

bearded man doing rope pull-up hang
Rope pull-up hang

Rope pullup hang is similar to bar hanging but this time we hang thick ropes with bar and then hang from it. So what is the difference if both exercises involve hanging? Well in simple hanging, bar is placed horizontally while in this case ropes are hanged vertically and you have to grip it with different angle so that it can hit different muscles.

There are a wide range of exercises to increase the size of your forearm but these are the best ones. These exercises give you beast’s forearm. Try to perform this workout once in a week to obtain perfect forearm.  


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