The Best Below the Belt Grooming Guide for Modern Men

The Best Below the Belt Grooming Guide for Modern Men

10 best below the belt grooming tips men should know about

Are you someone who struggles with body odor below the belt? You are not alone. Most men spend time and effort grooming their underarms, making sure that their hair is in tip-top shape, but forget to groom below the belt. You are not to blame though. Society is slow to admit that grooming below the belt is just as important. Proper care measures and hygiene below the belt are a must. If you want to eliminate the odor from this region. Read on and you will be facing every day with confidence. Here are 10 best below the belt grooming tips men should know about.

Shave your pubic hair

When you sweat, moisture gets trapped in your pubic hairs. When this sweat dries off, there is a possibility of odor seeping from this region. This can especially be alarming as you keep wondering if the others can smell the odor. To curb this, keep your pubic area clean-shaven. Make sure that your shaving tools are clean and sterilized. For even better care, you can use disposable razors to shave your private parts.

To start, take a shower to soften the hair. Next, using some scissors, trim off the long hair, and be careful not to cut yourself. Using a razor go over the remaining hair and clean shave. Here is a complete guide on how to shave pubic hairs.


man taking shower cleaning

You should shower, period. There are no two ways about this if you want to kick odor to the curb. Showering at least two times a day is ideal. In the morning and the evening after you have gone about your day’s activities. This will ensure that no bacteria lurk in your pubic region and keep odors at bay. It is advised that you should always finish off showering with cold water. Ending a shower with a few seconds to a minute can do wonders for you.

Your body temperature lowers meaning you sweat less, blood flow is stimulated, and your skin gets more vibrant.  


If you are not doing it already, it’s time to start. Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells rejuvenating your skin and giving room for new skin cells to grow. Exfoliating keeps your skin pores clear. Use a gentle body scrub or make your own at home with home ingredients. You can also do dry brushing or use a rough body washcloth.

Apply deodorant

The market today floods with tons of ball deodorants. Choose the one that fits your taste and preference. Make sure not to choose something with a strong scent. Also, choose a deodorant that sits well with your specific skin type. Applying deodorant will soothe your balls cool, keep them cool, and reduce friction. While at it, apply some toner to curb those razor bumps and burns.

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Do not use scented products below the belt

Using scented products in your groin area can cause infections or make you prone to some. They may cause itching which in turn causes you to scratch leading to skin peeling. This elevates the problem and increases your chances and risks of infections.

Wear loose-fitting undergarments

Your boxers or boxer shorts should not be skin-hugging. This is because it is difficult for moisture to escape when you wear tight undergarments. Air circulation to this area is reduced too. When your sweat and moisture accumulate, your skin is prone to bacteria growth which will in turn cause infections.

Wear undergarments made of breathable fabric

Wearing loose-fitting undergarments is not enough. Make sure that your undergarments are of a breathable fabric. Such fabric is cotton. This kind of fabric ensures that sweat doesn’t get trapped in and dries off. Leaving you feeling fresh for longer.

Use fresh towels

men with fresh towel after shwer grooming tip

Using the same towel for weeks is unhygienic. Replace and wash your wash and bath towels after every three uses. Make sure to also hang your towels out to dry after every use. It advised that you should use a separate wash towel for your face and the rest of your body.

Sleep commando

After a day of wearing boxers, give you manhood space to breathe at night regardless of the type of boxers you wear during the day. Research has even shown that cooler temperatures are great for your overall health. One way to do that is going commando at night. Plus, it is freeing and liberating.

Eat right

Last but not least, eat a well-balanced diet. Remember that you are what you eat. Eating junk food all the time will cause your skin to have breakouts. This can extend to your private parts. Avoid frequent skin problems by eating food that is rich in all the required nutrients. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and drink plenty of water. You will be surprised at how something as small as eating right will affect your overall health as well as the area below the belt.

Now that you know grooming tips below the belt, what’s to keep you from following them and rocking confidence?


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