The Best Eyebrow Grooming Guide For Men 2021

The Best Eyebrow Grooming Guide For Men 2021

A complete guide to men’s eyebrows grooming

Eyebrows are an important part of our face and we should take care of them also. Women care bout facial hair and they also tweeze or thread eyebrows regularly but unfortunately, men do not. Most men think that is not a manly thing to remove the hair. But it is not the fact. Although, men look cool in small beards, their eyebrows must be trimmed in a good way. 

We have put together this simple men’s eyebrow grooming guide for all the men out there.

Trim your eyebrows


If your eyebrows are in a good shape but the hair is long then you just need to trim your eyebrows. Comb the brows with a small comb and hold the hair in an upward direction. Then cut the un-even hair with brow scissors to give them a shape. This will shape the eyebrows and will give them a tidy shape. You also can trim them with an electric trimmer but that will be risky to ruin the shape of eyebrows. So using scissors will be a good option.

Shape your eyebrows by tweezing

young man using eyebrow tweezer

If you have a thick eyebrow and there is no gape between both brows, it will look weird. Thick hair growth in the middle of brows disturbs the shape of brows and makes it one long brow that is very bad looking. A man doesn’t need to give a proper sharp shape to the eyebrows, only tweezing some extra hair will make them hot and will also give a manly look.

For shaping the eyebrows, you must know what is the correct starting and endpoint of the eyebrows.

How to determine the start and endpoint of the eyebrows

How to determine the start and endpoint of the eyebrows

Take a long and straight pencil, comb, or makeup brush and place it straight in a vertical position on the midpoint of the nostril. Mark the point where the pencil touches the eyebrow, it will be the starting point.

For determining the endpoint, place that pencil at the tip of the nose and try to make a bridge towards the corner of the eye, the point, where the pencil will touch will be the endpoint of the eyebrow.

Now take a tweezer and start removing the extra hair of the eyebrows, but don’t remove all the hair. Some extra hair in the eyebrows will give a natural and decent look. If you have thick hair, just trim them by the way we have told you above, don’t tweeze from that area. If you will remove all the extra hair and also will remove them from the top, it will give a girlish look. You can remove extra hair from the bottom side to give a neat look.


Instead of tweezer, you can also use the threading technique for the removal of extra hair. A professional will do the process by using a cotton thread to remove the hair. If you are a beginner, it will be a difficult thing for you to do.

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Don’ts for men’s eyebrow grooming

Don’t wax your eyebrows

Many girls wax their eyebrows because it takes less time as compared to tweezing or threading. Waxing removes all the hair, thick and thin from the body. Girls do that because they need proper, neat, and sharp eyebrows. But please, don’t go with the wax, if you are a man. It will remove all unwanted hair giving a proper, sharp look. You need some extra hair for a hot look so the wax is a big no for you.

Don’t over-remove the hair

While grooming your eyebrows, just focus on giving them a neat shape. Don’t remove much hair or don’t make them thin. It will suddenly change your look and will give a feminine look. So it is better to take your time and do carefully whatever process you are using.

What to do for thin eyebrows

As thick eyebrows are a problem of many men, in the same way some men also have very thin eyebrows. So to enhance their personality they must have to do something to thick them. There are many products and serums that you can buy from a cosmetic store and from medical stores. By applying those products to your eyebrows for few months, you will notice a difference. Here are some other techniques too that will give fast results. These techniques include micro-needling, feather brows, and Nano brows.


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