The Best Fashion Trends For Plus-Sized Men Right Now

The Best Fashion Trends For Plus-Sized Men Right Now

Latest fashion trends for plus-sized men

The desire to upgrade your wardrobe is not a new thing! Every now and then, it is important for you to introduce inspiring styles into your wardrobe. And, if you are a plus sized man, there are some trends you must not miss. Yes, you read it right! The fashion industry has never failed to impress men who belong to the upper-size columns. With this being said, let’s learn more about the most recent styles for you.

The Big Pants!

big pants fashion plus size men

Many times, plus sized men dread the idea of wearing plans that are tall and big. They believe that the extra-large designs can make them look bulkier. Well, times have changed. And, the way men look in big, tall pants is no longer the same. There are so many different types of big pants for plus sized buyers. In fact, some of the big, tall pants are neatly cropped.

Trying New Fabrics

plus size male models fashion clothing pose

The latest trend is to try as many fabric options as possible. When you experiment with fabric, you will be able to understand what suits your style, and comfort zone. When it comes to fabric, you have a wide range to play with. For instance, you have wrinkle resistant lyocell, and corduroy for a “deep” look.

Utility Style

utility style plus size male fashion
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Another important style that should not be neglected would be the “Utility look”. This look is famous for its large pockets. And, when you are unable to pick the right size, you need to opt for standard brands like “Dickies and Carhartt”. These brands have many jackets, vests and shirts to choose from.

The Bright Colors!

When you are a plus sized man, who is trying to make a statement – opt for bright, bold shades. There is nothing wrong in having few bold shades in your wardrobe. After all, every collection needs some drama. Perfect shades for plus sized men would be the greens, yellows and oranges.

Toned Look!

Well, this is a classic look that works all the time. When you are planning to stand out in the crowd, opt for clothing from the “same” shade. This could be anything like a jacket, and an inner t-shirt from the “same” color family.

Tall, and Big shorts

plus size male model wearing fashion shorts

Now, your tall and big adventures don’t need to end with the pants. Instead, you can consider the tall, and big shorts too. These are also known as trunks. In fact, you will come across “LEGS”, which are famous for short swim trunks. These clothes are almost everywhere. These shorts are best worn above knee level.

The layers

layers fashion clothing plus size men

When you don’t have a gym body that you are obsessed with, but if you are craving for good fashion – think about the layers. You can always build a great body by picking the right “sized” clothes. Layers can help you create shape. Meanwhile, you can save yourself from appearing bulky. When you think about layers, you need to opt for overshirts, chore jackets and even thin knits. These are choices that wouldn’t add more weight. In fact, these options will not cling to your physique too. That is why thinking in layers, doesn’t necessarily convert you into a Michelin Man.

The Patterns

big man wearing pattern clothing fashion

A powerful element in clothing designs would be the patterns. The patterns can do much more than “showcasing” your taste. Patterns on big men can be overwhelming. This is why you need to think a little more classic. To be more precise, the Breton Top would be a great place to begin. Going straightforward, and thinking classic will stop you from adding a few more inches into your look.

Structured Tailoring!

structured male plus size fashion

Finally, you need to invest some time and find custom -designed clothes with structured tailoring. For instance, a coat that has padding around the shoulders, and a nipped-waist will give you a flattering shape.


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