The Best Permanent Laser Hair Removal at Home Use

The best laser permanent hair remover in the market

The best laser permanent hair remover in the market

A variety of techniques exist for hair removal. It eliminates unwanted hair, plucking, shaving, tweezing, and waxing, but the results are not as you desire.

For something flawless, an epilator is the best hair removal method. A 999999 New laser epilator is an electrical device for hair removal from the roots. Removing hair using an electric epilator is non-painful that even sensitive body areas experience no discomfort.

This is one of the best budget friendly laser hair removal machine in the market.

A few features

  • IPL laser technology offering permanent hair removal.
  • Handle held tool, compact to use.
  • Efficient and safe to target hairs from the root using light technology.
  • Security sensor chip as built-in.

How to use

Step 1: Plug the power in and turn the machine on. Select gear from low to the appropriate gear.

Step 2: Put on the skin of the laser head. As the energy indicator flashes, start the operation by pressing the launch button.

Step 3: Move to the next part and pursue the same operation.

Step 4: On turning the machine on, for light emission operation, press the emission button for a short time. The long press is for switching to manual/automatic light emission mode.

Best Characteristics

laser hair removal before and after results


999999 Flashes New Laser Epilator is a light-based innovative technology featuring IPL (intense pulsed light). It is a professional beauty salon technology.  It is safer and painless to remove unwanted hair, besides being a permanent hair removal solution.

Easy to use modes

The laser hair remover allows reaching all the sensitive areas. It features 2 adjustable modes. Using the manual mode reach for small areas such as upper lips, bikini line, below the cheekbone, and fingers. For large areas, legs, arms, and back, use auto mode.


  • A life long choice that allows you to save money and do at your convenience at-home.
  • Ideal for hair removal of full-body, and sensitive areas without pain.

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