The Best Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath That Works

how to get rid of bad breath for good
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How to get rid of bad breath?

Halitosis or Bad breath can result from many different things, such as gum disease or other ailments, practicing poor dental hygiene, eating pungent foods, not brushing teeth properly and more. Once the problem of bad breath develops, it can be very difficult to get rid of it. Identifying the cause is the initial step for bad breath removal. Here are some tips on how to tackle the issue.

Improve your dental hygiene

In case bad breath appears to be a regular or daily problem for you, the easiest way to recover from it is to improve your personal dental hygiene. Brush your teeth a minimum of 2 times a day with the help of a toothbrush with soft bristles, and brush in a circular fashion. You can also brush one time after having lunch. Generally, dentists advise people to brush for around 2 minutes in each session. It can be useful to set a small sized timer.

Brush after every meal

A good way to get rid of this problem is to brush the teeth following each meal. It will let you clean the teeth and also allow you to stop having bad breath issues. When there are bacteria, plaques and food particles between the teeth, your breath begins to stink. Brushing after every meal can act a natural remedy for this problem.

Brush your tongue

While brushing your teeth, it is also essential that you brush your tongue. It can be very useful for getting rid of bad breath. The tongue is particularly a breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria. In case that fails to resolve the issue, try having sugarless chewing gum – possibly in a Cinnamon flavor. It can help you to get rid of the bad odor as well as remove the harmful bacteria from your mouth.

Hydrate your mouth

Breath problems also often arise from Xerostomia or dry mouth. The condition results from reduced saliva flow within the mouth, such as when you keep the mouth closed for long – as during the time of sleep or when not talking. The most convenient way to remove bad breath is to keep your mouth well-hydrated and moist.

Try other foods

Garlic and onions are two of the biggest causes of Halitosis, and the body may actually take a few days to resolve the problem. In case you find bad breath developing due to eating such kinds of foods, an easy solution is to brush the teeth fast or use water to rinse the mouth in case a toothbrush is not nearby. You can also get rid of this issue by chewing on a sprig of parsley or mint.

Floss at least once every day

It is also a good idea that you floss for a minimum of one time every day, so that food particles that are stuck between the teeth can be removed with ease. Accumulated food between teeth may transform into plaques and lead to cavities and bad odors. The white coating is generally a mix of food particles and bacteria which can lead to bad breath problems. Treating the problem can make it go away easily.

Use a mouthwash

A few individuals suffering from bad breath issues also use mouthwash to get rid of the problem. You should not use mouthwash more than 1 – 2 times every day, especially those that have alcohol. These mouthwashes can make the mouth dry and lead to an excessive growth of unhealthy bacteria. Generally, dry mouths lead to bad breath problems. Thus, one way to avoid bad breath problems is to stay as hydrated as possible, and have sufficient water all through the day.

Stop smoking

Smoking is undoubtedly one of the biggest culprits for causing Halitosis. If your bad breath problems refuse to go away, and you are a smoker, it might be a good idea to kick the butt now – once and for all. Smoking makes your oral smell really bad. You cannot get rid of smoking with gums or mouthwash, if you have been smoking for a long time now.

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Try a full cleaning

Keep in mind that maintenance visits to dentists and inspection are a must. After every 6 months, you should visit your dentist and get a full dental cleaning performed. The dentist can inform whether you are experiencing the first stages of cavities or gum disease. The dental care provider might also be able to advise some other treatment measures that you may opt for, in order to remove your bad breath problems. In case you find the issues persisting despite your repeated attempts to get rid of the problems, it is wise to get in touch with a dentist and rule out the presence of any underlying medical cause, such as a gum disease.

It is also important to have a good diet, drink lots of water and stay healthy to have a fresh breath.


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