The Best Ways to Stop Stinky Feet: Fix Smelly Feet

how to get rid of stinky feet and stop smelly feet

Why do we get stinky feet?

Foot odor comes from the bacteria present on the feet.  If you or any of your family members has stinky feet, it causes the feet to raise a stink. The smell comes the feet live, and from the dirty socks and shoes that cover them. The bacteria get waste, and it smells rotten. As you have sweaty feet, play host to extra-stinky bacteria. Luckily, you can now fix stinky feet to get rid of the awful smell.

How Do I Get My Feet to Stop Stinking?

There are variety of things to keep your feet odor-free, dry, and clean.

Keep your feet clean by scrubbing each day, your feet. Use soap, washcloth, and water. You may get your feet and toes dry before putting on socks and shoes. Toss your shoes into the washer, if they are washable.

Soak in water and soap your feet for 20 minutes once a week. You can also add a solution of Epsom salt or vinegar with warm water.

Keep your feet dry. The bacteria housing on your feet and shoes live in moist areas. When your feet are dry, the bacteria do not stay.

Regularly change your socks so that it is not sweaty. Use athletic socks that feature moisture-wicking technology. Avoid synthetic material shoes. Use cornstarch or powder while wearing shoes. The foot-odor powders are available as deodorants, and they absorb sweat.

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Your feet and shoes need enough air. Spend time giving air to your feet by walking barefoot. Ensure to keep the shoes dry before you wear them between uses.

Try essential oils in a ratio of 1:1, such that it has benzoin and juniper oil. Apply to your feet and eliminate odor-causing bacteria. Essential oils may irritate the skin if they are strong. You can do a patch test by applying it on your skin to know if it stings. Without fail, dilute in water before you rub the essential oil to your feet.

Use household disinfectant on the insoles and shoes, let them dry. You can also dry them in the sun.

Washing your feet using antibacterial soap is very helpful. You can wash once a day. Keep your feet dry between your toes.

Avoid wearing the same shoes continuously in a row for 2 days. Thus, you can ensure your shoes are dry.

If you find stinky feet, it may be due to sweaty feet. If so, try:

  • A normal underarm deodorant works as a specialist foot product and is not expensive.
  • Insert medicated insoles to have a deodorizing effect. Or check with a pharmacist to buy foot powder that will absorb sweat.
  • Buy sports socks that keep your feet dry or some special antibacterial socks.
  • Wear canvas or leather socks. It allows your feet to breathe.

Foot odor is not a health problem sign but sometimes causes infection. See a doctor; there are tests to determine the severity of your foot problem.  Even then, if your foot odor continues, you may follow steps to ensure your feet are dry and clean. It will keep the stinky feet away.


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