You have been putting on your best dresses, but still feel that you do not appear like a real man. If you have this inhibition, then you might even not know where to start from. It could be that style never interested you when young or do not possess that natural instinct for fashionable dressing. If you care confused, then go through this guide that can help you to know how to dress like a man.

Beginner’s rules to follow

By following certain rules given below, you may enhance your dressing sense.

Simply forget whatever you already knew:

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Many may suffer from non-existent fashion knowledge. What you may consider to be inconsequential could perhaps be of importance and vice versa. Since you want to know how to dress well, then accept the fact that you have low IQ on fashion. Consider yourself you to a complete beginner.

Begin from scratch:

You may have some existing clothes, but all being mismatched ones. It will be a wise idea to start your wardrobe collection from the beginning. Retain some of your existing clothes and use it as casual. Buy casual t-shirts of solid colors instead of graphic t-shirts. Avoid investing in baggy denim jacket, brown blazer or skinny jeans.


Plain White Tee is indeed the most basic of all apparels to chose. Master basics on clothing will ensure complete transformation into a stylish person. For business casual basic, choose white button down oxford shirt to go with tailored navy blue suit and dress shoes. White t-shirt and dark denim jeans are perfect match.

Solid wardrobe foundation:

With a solid foundation, you can rebuild your wardrobe and have a superior quality, versatile collection of staples. It should match with just about everything you have. It includes basic items such as grey sweaters, white shirts and dark blue jeans. A basic wardrobe is essential with neutral colored clothes like navy, khaki, black, grey or white. The other basic must-have items include brown leather belt, brown leather loafers and solid timepiece.

Ensure perfect fit:

It is necessary to get correct fit. Wrong selections will only throw off your body’s proportions. Although comfortable looking, tailoring can be terrible for your body shape. Hence, when choosing shirt style, nail your size. Your shirt sleeves are to be end right at the place where wrist meets the hand. Moreover, once fully fastened, collar is to have finger-width space. Hence, dressing well means deriving appropriate fit.

Simple but effective:

To portray being a modern man, there is no need to appear extravagant. You are to feel comfortable in whatever apparel you wear. Navy blue pants go well with a simple jacket and white button-up shirt. This can be a wonderful casual dress. Buy boxer briefs or cotton boxer shorts for your underwear needs. Avoid over-complicating things. Enjoy your casual cool look.

Expand available options:

Variety is the key to being well dressed. The clothes you plan to own in your wardrobe should be practical and comfortable. You may swap your dark-red cardigan and red-&-grey graphic tee with solid black tee or a white shirt. This way, you can have several outfit combinations to wear.

Trim wardrobe:

You will not derive any benefits with a bulging wardrobe. Rather, it will be highly impractical to fill up your wardrobe with lots of clothes. Trim your wardrobe with stylish outfits. You can own casuals like jeans, socks, dress shirts, polo shirts, etc.

Develop own style rather than following trends: To be stylish does not mean, you have to follow the latest popular trends. Remember, fashion goes and comes. Moreover, most trendy suits might not fit every person. Hence, it becomes essential to discover yourself and the type of style that fits on your body perfectly. Also dress your age. On identifying the image that you desire to portray, add trends that are likely to enhance this image. It can perhaps be bow ties, slim-fit oxford shirt or monogrammed cuff links.

Layer up:

Layering up allows you to derive more interesting outfits. Collared shirt can be layered with trench coat and crew neck pullover.

Try new things:

If you are trying to develop own style sense, then open yourself to selecting new types of apparel and styles. What you had ignored before should now be experimented with a bold approach. Rather than jeans and sweater, wear chinos and leather jacket. Why wear usual casual clothes, when you may select business casual attire. Chelsea boots, loafers or desert boots do make excellent choice instead of white sneakers.

Appear effortless:

When wearing apparels, you are to appear effortlessly fashionable. Also, you should not waste lot of time trying to fashion up before the mirror. The clothes you have in your wardrobe should be of superior quality and effective. To appear impeccable, you should not put in lots of efforts. Besides your clothes, your socks, shoes, hair and accessories such as wrist watch, leather belt and glasses should be casual yet stylish.

Follow dress code:

There is a dress code to be followed when attending any event, place or occasion. To be stylish, you need to follow that code and dress accordingly. For most occasions, you may derive that casual look, based on your lifestyle. You require wearing suit & tie at the office and not at the pub partying with your friends. For any beach wedding to attend, select casual wedding attire including open-toed shoes.

Experiment with colors:

A good number of men do not prefer selecting bright colored apparels. Most stick to basic colors like blue, grey, white and black. But then, you should expand your existing color horizons. Identify the colors that suit you well. If you feel confused, then choose single color only to wear at a time. The remaining can be neutral. On gaining more knowledge, you may combine brighter shades with neutral colors.

Following the above tips is sure to help you to dress well and be appreciated by everyone around.


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