The fastest way to get rid of love handles for both men and women

woman touching love handles

Ultimate way to eliminate love handles within 3 weeks

The handles of love … Here is a pretty poetic name, but that we do not appreciate when these small beads are visible on our silhouette. Sometimes they even become a real complex that is difficult to get rid of. But fortunately, there are solutions to overcome it: healthier diet, regular sport, good habits to adopt are all elements to put in place to lose these small beads.

To help you eliminate them, we give you here all our advice to say goodbye to your love handles in 3 weeks!

Losing love handle: good nutrition is paramount

To slim down hips, there is no miracle cure, but a diet low calorie  is essential to eliminate the adipose tissue. In addition, some foods help to eliminate fat and thereby also assist in eliminating love handles. Follow these tips for a diet conducive to the elimination of love handles in 3 weeks.

1Limit the sugar

When you want to have a slim figure, you often ban fat foods first. However, sugar is also to be avoided because it causes obesity. Sugar is also responsible for the appearance of some diseases such as type-2 diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

2Maintain a diet low in calories

To get rid of love handles in 3 weeks, it is appropriate to eat meals with low calories. This will help you reduce your daily caloric intake.

Below are some practical tips you can use:

  • Do not stand up and try eating your meals on a smaller plate to reduce the amount.
  • Replace whole milk with skimmed milk.
  • Stay away from butter and cheese.

3Eat lots of vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables are fibre-rich, therefore they promote satiety. Nevertheless, it is important to steam your vegetables so that they do not incorporate fats whilst cooking and also to keep all the good nutrients in the vegetables. Seasoning the vegetables with pepper and / or herbs will also give an additional flavor.

When you eat vegetables daily, you will find it easier to reach your goal faster and lose your love handles in 3 weeks.

fresh fruits and vegetables
fresh fruits and vegetables

Among the favorite vegetables to choose from are celery, pepper, peas, broccoli, asparagus, endive, beetroot, artichoke, green beans, zucchini, cabbage, lettuce or eggplant.

4 – Sheathing

Woman Sheathing
woman doing planks

It’s a classic, but it’s very effective when you want to lose your love handles. To practice 

sheathing , stand on the ground in support of your arms while keeping your body tense. Keep this position from 30 seconds to 3 minutes depending on your abilities, then release. Repeat this exercise two to three times over the course of the week.

If you wish, you can also opt for sheathing on the side .Here, lean on your forearm, stretch your body and stay in this position for as long as possible. Do two or three sets on each side several times a week.

5 The pumps

To get rid of your love handles in 3 weeks, pumps are also a must! Here are the steps to follow to position yourself and achieve them:

  • Your body should be tense, your back straight and your hands resting on the ground.
  • Lower your chest by folding your arms and back while keeping your back straight.

Try to make 10 to 15 pumps between one and two times a week.

woman climbing stairs
woman climbing stairs

After each workout, do not forget to stretch yourself!

Also, do not hesitate to do sports every day: prefer the stairs to the elevator or the bike to your car. These activities will help your muscles every day and help you stay in shape!

As you will understand, to lose your love handles, you have to move!


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