The Mental & Physical Benefits of Having a Good Daily Routine

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Why your daily routine matters?

Following a morning routine is helpful and good for it supports many reasons. The ritual of ransacking the laundry to wear matching socks and chugging coffee in a hurry is not necessary. Even grabbing a pastry and rushing into rush-hour traffic is not a routine to focus. It is a routine, but here it is about something mindful, rich, nourishing, and quiet.

It Works

You can see the management of stress and time value. The benefits that are much beyond the practical matters and how they stretch. You may feel within the difference quickly as you commit to a morning nourishing routine and adhere to it. A few reasons why daily routine matters are:

1. Builds Confidence

Builds Confidence

When you find something is beneficial, it is best to stick to that routine. You will start loving it and also trusting it. Trust yourself to build confidence and lead a healthier and happier life.

2. Augment Self Care Accountability

Being accountable is a way of staying in the present. You cannot rewind time, and so if you lose today morning, it is over. So, start the morning ritual practice, and you will unknowingly hold yourself accountable to follow it. Accountability is a muscle strengthening you. You will realize that it will leak into other areas as well that the gym or the morning walk appears less challenging.

3. Love Yourself

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Following a daily routine gives enough space and time to do something that you like. Mirror a true version of yourself. Building Ahimsa as your practice is enough to promote self-growth.  It will keep your present to love your colleagues, friends, neighbors, throughout the day and life.

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4. Set Tone

The setting of tone is not for one day, it is a daily routine, and it matters. If you begin your day as busy and manic, racing around, the stress will be on everything you do. If your day is stressed out, you will notice your body is releasing cortisol in high amounts. It means the stress hormone is out and clouding you. Your adrenaline will pump good for some hours and result in a coffee crash, irritation, and a restless day.  Setting a tone helps.

5. Get Productive


A healthy morning routine helps you stay productive for the entire day. Feel confident and more grounded as you establish a calm and nourishing routine. The benefits of following a routine daily outweigh any excuse you may conjure. Everyone has time to set and follow a daily routine. Do things that are nourishing and hop to productivity.

6. Know (and accept) yourself

Knowing yourself assures you win battles. It starts with a clear understanding that social situations are for everyone, and you are not the target. Everyone is different. Some may be confident in small group interactions, while some in large gatherings. Everyone has their ways of expressing.

Introverts also have confidence, but they confuse themselves by staying shy. They prefer spending time alone.  They listen better and notice things that others fail to. It is their unique strength.  Being confident and comfortable at all times and in all situations is impossible. You will lead a happy and peaceful life. Peace is within you, and there is nothing beyond your control. Everybody is genius, believe in you, and embrace yourself.


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