The Secret Behind Brad Pitt’s Good Looks at Age 57

The Secret Behind Brad Pitt's Good Looks at Age 57

How does Brad Pitt look so good at the age of 57?

Brad Pitt, the celebrity, is very particular about his health and skincare. His skincare routine is about using in the shower a body bar to clean, hydrate his skin, and replenish. He uses a mild cleansing bar that is an effective body cleanser. It takes away the excess oil but does not dry the skin.

For such similar results, follow a few of the skincare secrets that celebrities use and keep looking young.

Avoid surgeries

Brad Pitt takes very good care of himself. He takes care to stay healthy than looking younger. He does not prefer going under the knife for Botox. He avoids surgeries and retains a natural appearance.

Healthy diet and Exercise

Eating a healthy diet and exercising helps to maintain weight, and it ensures a younger appearance. It keeps the metabolism active and thereby helps the skin cells.  Brad Pitt never misses out on his exercise routine.

Fight inflammation

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Pollution, smoking and drinking, stress, sun exposure, poor diet, and lack of sleep lead to inflammation that is the skin’s worst enemy. With age, the damage is apparent. It is a must to reduce exposure by adopting an anti-inflammatory lifestyle that involves taking supplements to decrease the inflammation signs visible. Taking vitamin supplements are a good way to keep your hair and skin in perfect condition.

Stay Safe from Sun exposure

You need the sun to get a vitamin D dose. However, the sun damages the skin to a major portion and also accelerates the process of aging. Thus, it is a must to use sunscreen each time you get outside in the sun. Brad Pitt ensures no overexposure to the sun and keeps strictly to a healthy diet. Wearing an SPF product before going to the beach is helpful.

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The UV rays cause premature aging and skin cancer in men. Your skin, on a cloudy or cold day, is hit by UV rays. Even if it does not cause sunburn, it causes damage. For daily use, men can go for mineral-based SPF. Apply on your face the moisturizer when outdoors. Thus, anytime you are outdoors, apply the SPF product every 2-3 hours.

Avoid hard-hitting products

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The hard-hitting products strip off natural oils from the skin, leaving it irritated and dry. It is a must to avoid products containing acid or if it causes dryness. Instead, using a powerful moisturizer helps to maintain hydration. Skin damage and the speeding up of the aging process are due to free radicals. It may be due to pollutants exposure, the UV sun rays, and the high-intensity light emitting from the screens and phone. Use antioxidant-rich products assuring skin care helps to prevent skin damage. The antioxidants keep the free radicals harmful effects away, defend your skin, slow the aging process that you look younger.

Though the exact routine of Brad Pitt is not easy to get, he is believed to have a beauty routine involving high-end skin products. It also includes a nightly ritual for an hour. He is said to use cream socks and gloves even to bed so that the moisturizer soaks within while he is asleep.

  • Brad steams his face two times a week, plucks his eyebrows on his own, and clips his goatee daily.
  • Brad Pitt has beauty products as an arsenal in his drawers, and his primping pre-bedtime takes over an hour is said.
  • Brad goes for intense cleaning, face toning, and exfoliating with various creams and balms.
  • Brad also does not miss on lubing once a week his feet and hands with olive-oil based creams so that his skin is wrinkle-free and supple.


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