The top 5 anti aging food


The truth is with every passing day, people tend to age. It is simply impossible for any person to make the chronological clock to stop ticking. However, science has showed how by consuming a healthy diet, it is possible to influence the pace. At times, it is even possible to influence the biological clock’s direction! A healthy diet when maintained can help boost longevity.

Having organic, healthy foods

Doctors and health experts always advise people of all ages to choose different types and colored vegetables, fruits for their daily diet. By adopting the plant kingdom for diet, no one can go wrong. It will be necessary to include seeds, nuts, beans, whole grains, tea, spices, herbs, etc. regularly as it benefits overall health. At the same time, such foods offer essential nutrients to the body. Remember, you need to age ‘well and not age ‘long’ with your years. Your objective should not only be to live a long life. Rather, it should be ‘long and healthy’ as well. That is, you need to lead a well, active and vital life instead of simply hitting a specific year mark.

Wellness centric foods

You need to be aware of the trends surrounding wellness centric foods as well as those too good to be true products. They are those foods that are claimed to make you young once again. Some foods are termed as ‘superfoods’ and are filled with nutritional prowess. They claim to support disease prevention and health promotion. According to health experts, for any type of food to make a huge difference on your health, you need to consume it regularly. It will not do any good if you have a tiny portion or just once in a blue moon. It will not have any impact on your health as desired. Rather, it is the daily, regular consumption of such foods that impacts significantly upon longevity, anti-aging and aging well.


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Anti-aging food

For any food to be termed ‘anti-aging food’, research needs to back it and also be nutrient-dense. At the same time, such foods should be appealing, versatile and easily accessible. Fortunately, there are natural foods in the market that are known to have the ability to fight premature aging signs. They also allow you to age with grace.

Top 5 anti-aging foods to have regularly

  • Walnuts: When longevity is concerned, they are considered to be a real multi-tasker. Studies revealed that on consuming walnuts, men at their midlife are likely to age more healthfully unlike those who did not consume nuts. Walnuts also improve heart health significantly. They can lower total cholesterol mainly LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol along with triglycerides. Thus, it ensures healthy blood pressure. It also comprises of anti-inflammatory phytochemicals in huge numbers. Cognitive health can lead to longevity. Studies have revealed that walnuts possess phytochemicals and synergistic nutrients. It includes fiber, omega 3 fats, polyphenols and protein along with other vitamins and minerals. These help slow the progress of age as well as maintain cognitive health. It is indeed a huge anti-aging goal accomplished with walnuts.
  • Blueberries: They are a wonderful source of fiber, Vitamin C and filled with plenty of nutrition like anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, etc. It helps preserve and promote cognitive functions like brain health as people age. It also boosts heart health while reducing risk associated with certain cancers. When blueberry is concerned, it offers lots of essential phytonutrients. Its deep blue color is derived from a key antioxidant and phytochemical, referred to as anthocyanin. Vitamin C present in blueberries not only combats aging oxidation, but also promotes better skin health and cellular protection with age.
  • Legumes and Beans: The Mediterranean diet comprises mainly of beans, thus promoting better health and longevity. It is filled with protein and carbs. Legumes offer plant-based protein while reducing risks of chronic diseases while promoting longevity and health. Moreover, they contain vitamins, phytonutrients, fiber and minerals, something essential to stabilize blood sugar, gut and heart. It also keeps at bay risks associated with certain cancers, promotes healthy weight management, etc. Besides this, beans are considered to be extremely versatile. There are different types of beans easily available in the market like black, kidney, fava, red, cannellini, garbanzo. They can be included to casseroles, lasagna, stews, salads and soups. You may mash them along with spices and herbs and prepare a healthy dip for vegetables. You may also try the canned version that is rinsed and low in sodium. They are rich in nutrition, inexpensive and easy to eat.
  • Tea: It is indeed one of the most favored beverages along with coffee across the globe and offers limitless anti-aging benefits. It contains inflammation combating antioxidants referred to as phytochemicals and is quite hydrating. Studies conducted have stated that regular tea consumption can help reduce risks of heart disease. You just need to incorporate 1-3, 8-ounce cups of unsweetened black or green tea every day. This helps reduce risk of heart disease and related deaths by approximately 8%-12%. It is also found that the aging population those 65 years and above benefit the maximum from having tea. Every cup helps reduce risks of heart disease associated death by about 10%. Moreover, tea lowers triglycerides and cholesterol, thereby boosting heart health. It also reduces the body’s fat absorption and blood pressure.
  • Spices and Herbs: They are considered to be part of the vital anti-aging food group. They boost flavor, besides health and convenience. Their main job is to make other anti-aging and nutritious foods to become more delicious on being mixed with them. Thus, they perform double duty. Spices and herbs basically make healthy ingredients. It includes plant-based protein sources, fish and vegetables. Besides this, they reduce added sugar and salt intake, thus limiting and contributing towards reduced inflammation and promoting healthy aging. Spices and herbs are known to have significant anti-inflammatory, phytochemical and other vital attributes. They also are a vital part of any Mediterranean diet and promote overall well-being.

Lead a healthy young life

The above are the top five anti-aging foods that are available naturally and are indeed very good for your health. On regular consumption, they allow you to age slowly and gracefully.


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