The Ultimate Guide for Men to Look Muscular

how to look muscular in clothes

How to look muscular in clothes ?

Do you want to be look like Dwayne Johnson, who doesn’t? Physical appearance is one of the important things most men worried about. They do useless stuff to build muscle, try every nonsense and in the end, they ridicule themselves in front of everyone.

So what should you do to look like a beast? What are the factors involve in this and what are the steps we should take to improve our look? We have listed all those important things that can make you look sexy if you follow them properly.


man doing push ups
man doing push ups

Whether you like it or not but you have to leave your bed and lift the weights. You cannot get perfect shape just by sitting on the couch and swiping your mobile all day. You have to leave your comfort zone behind and follow a workout plan that will mold your body. Join a gym, hire a personal trainer and work your ass off. There is no such thing as short cut. If you want it then you have to work hard for it.

There are some exercises which deposit more bulk and develop excellent posture in short time and less effort. It does not matter if you spend 30 minutes or 3 hours in the gym, more important thing is consistency. Once you choose a workout plan, stick to it as long as you can. Some best exercises for you are

  1. Push-ups
  2. Pull-ups
  3. Squats
  4. Crunches
  5. Running

You can find different workout plan in our health and fitness section HERE.

If you perform all these exercises properly and consistently, you will be able to get good posture in 2-3 months. Don’t lose hope and focus on the goal, that is the best advice we can give you.



There is no benefit of taking so much pain and shedding too much sweat in the gym if you don’t take proper nutrition. To develop muscles, you have to change your whole lifestyle and follow all the guidelines of healthy life which includes getting up early, eating only healthy food and taking 8 hours of fresh sleep.

You can develop muscles in the gym but the shapes and cuts are developed only through proper diet. Muscles feed on protein. So, try to consume food enriched in micro nutrients, avoid sugary stuff and all the fat rich foods.

Our body obtains energy through three main nutrients: Fat, carbohydrates and protein. Bodybuilders required all these in different volume. Eggs and meat are the best friends of bodybuilders. Vegetables are also a good source of carbohydrates with fruits as healthy fat and fibre source. Avoid all the bulky snacks, candies and especially carbonated drinks. Don’t forget to take protein shakes in desired amount. Always avoid cheat meals as often one cheat meal extends to whole cheat week. Only a good workout plan with excellent nutrition can provide mass muscles and huge body. This is one of the most important step for looking muscular with or without clothes.

Clothing and dressing

muscular man wearing fit clothes
muscular man wearing fit clothes

Clothing plays a great role in your physical appearance. A fat man in tuxedo always look more attractive than six-pack guy in worn clothes. Clothes also boasts appearance to a great deal. There are some clothing tips that you should follow.

We all know that “fit is king”. Style without proper fit is nothing. So, try to wear only those clothes that are not too lose and not too tight. Wear a top that gives an image of wide chest. Prefer long sleeves over half sleeves. It is better to use collared shirt rather than T-shirt. There are tons of brands that makes perfect fitting clothes or we can say shirts that makes you look muscular.

Your muscular look is not only related to workout. It cannot be developed only in gym, it is developed in your and in your closet. Try the tips we have mentioned and enjoy the inspired faces of other people.



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