The Ultimate Guide to Gaining Weight For Hard Gainers

best ways to gain weight fast

The best ways to gain weight for skinny people

It is a fact that muscle gain or weight gain can be quite tough, at least for some people. But the addition of some foods into the daily diet, making some lifestyle changes, exercising etc are some of the ways of weight gain for people who are hard gainers. Here are some of the best ways to gain weight more easily.

Homemade protein smoothies

homemade high calorie smoothies

It can be a fast way to gain weight, and also provide your body with plenty of nutrients. It is best that you make smoothies of your own at home, as the commercial ones are lacking in nutrients and are rich in sugar. You can also get complete control on the nutritional content and flavor. You may try smoothies like Vanilla berry shake, Chocolate banana nut shake, Chocolate hazelnut shake, Vanilla blueberry shake, Caramel apple shake etc. Each of these smoothie recipes can add about 400 – 600 calories to your body. You can also get lots of essential minerals and vitamins, as well as plenty of protein.


healthy woman drinking milk standing

Milk has long been a traditional way to gain muscle and weight. It can provide your body with enough calcium, as well as a fantastic balance of fats, carbs and proteins. You can also get other minerals and vitamins. Unless you are lactose intolerant, this can be a great beverage to complement your weight gain efforts such as weightlifting.


This is an easy and cheap source of carbs for your body, and can aid you in easy weight gain. You can have fat, carbs and calories from cooked white rice from a single serving. It can also help you to consume more food, particularly in case you get satiated fast or have a poor appetite. You may use microwavable rice that are available in 2-minute packs, and can be added easily to pre-made meals or other sources of protein. You may even try to cook up a large pot of white rice, freeze it wholly or partly, and blend it with various healthy fats and proteins for different meals all through the week.

Nuts and nut butters

high calorie healthy peanut butter

If you intend to gain weight, these can be one of the best choices. These are very rich sources of calories, and having these as a snack or only two handfuls every day along with your daily mean can add a lot of calories to your body quite fast. Nut butters can also be added to various dishes or snacks, like crackers, yogurts, smoothies etc, to get calorie-heavy snacks easily.

Lift weights

woman workout

When you lift a lot of weights, it can be easier for you to put on weight much faster. When you gain weight without working out, the additional weight will turn to fatty deposits and fat quite fast. If you work out, you can transform all the additional weight immediately into muscle. It can make you appear bigger faster. If you want to transform all your body weight into muscle, it is better that you lift very heavy weights and perform less number of repetitions. The workouts can be Bicep curls, Squats, Shoulder lifts, Military presses, Bench presses and Kickbacks.

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While performing these workouts, you have to strive to lift as much weight as possible. Don’t try over 5 – 6 reps per exercise. The best way for you to gain muscle mass is to do 3 sets of 6 reps of  extremely heavy weight lifting. It can transform the additional weight into your body into solid muscles.


man standing holding supplements

These are another of the fastest ways for you to gain weight. With healthy supplements, you can make your diet more nutritious and ensure that the food that you consume can help you bulk up. You can find plenty of natural supplements which can be assistive for you in faster weight gain. There are plenty of protein powders in local health food stores. These can be consumed in the form of protein shakes, with nuts, peanut butter, milk and various other rich foods comprising of high amount of natural fats and protein.

Potatoes and starches

cooked potatoes

These can easily be availed in most countries, and can be used as cost-effective ways to gain more weight. You can have potatoes and sweet potatoes along with beans and legumes, buckwheat, oats etc, and add calories and carbs to your body.


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