The Ultimate Way to Make Muscles Grow Faster: Muscle Growth

how to gain muscle faster

5 Easy tips to grow muscle mass faster in 2019

These days, the younger generation are more attracted to body building and try to undertake rigorous exercises to develop powerful, strong, bulging muscles. But the truth is that rigorous exercises are not meant for everyone and will require putting in plenty of time, hard work and also have lots of patience and dedication.

You also need to clean your diet and increase your meals in order to get a clean bulk.

If more definition is desired in the abs, arms and legs, then there are present few simple ways by which muscle can be developed much faster and without facing any side effect.

5 easy ways to develop muscle faster

1. Resistance exercise training

Resistance exercise

According to the health experts, it is regarded to be an effective way to boost muscle mass and strength. It is done usually using weight machines or free weights.

Even fast sprints when done on the ergometer at very resistance are sure to help achieve increase in body mass and strength. However, to avoid burn out, it will be necessary to restore depleted glycogen in the muscles. This can be done with intake of protein (>10 g) and carbohydrates (>1 g) after completing the exercise session.

2. Consume protein prior to going to bed and working out

Optimum Nutrition gold standard
optimum nutrition gold standard whey protein

Health experts do conclude that 20 gms of proteins if taken half an hour prior to hitting the bed and after working out can help increase natural growth of body muscles.

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This is because, your body is likely to work even when you sleep! Protein amounting to 20 gms is equal to Greek yogurt of 7 ounces. This protein can also be derived by consuming low fat milk in two large glasses.

3. Clean intestines before starting

How much you eat or work out does not matter at times. If your organs are found to have lots of toxins or not functioning properly, then you cannot achieve success. It is for this reason, some athletes tend to drink gentle detox teas during the morning hours or at lunch. It helps to flush out toxins from kidneys.

It also reduces all unwanted inflammation that develops in the body. You can come across some caffeine-free, delicious, detox teas, whose ingredients are only herbs. It helps to increase energy and do away with skin issues. It should be consumed early in the morning on waking up to get energized and to derive the optimum from the workout session.

4. Take creatine supplements

ON creatine powder

To enjoy better and quicker results and to help with resistant training, you can avail several proven supplements available in the market, made from natural substances. Creatine is one of them. When taken for several day, it does help to increase body mass, which is achieved through water retention.

It also increases your capability to lift weights easily, in repetitive, high intensity ergometer performance. Supplementation might improve strength gains that are achieved through training in moderate to small margin.

5. Conjugated Linoleic-acid supplements

CLA supplementation

What is conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and what is the different between this one and the other supplements available in the market. CLA is crucial for human health. it is considered to be an altered form of Omega 6 fatty acid. This acid can be availed from different types of food, mainly dairy products and meat.

CLA supplementation does help to enhance the ratio of lean mass to that of body fat. It also decreases fat deposition in the abdomen region and improves muscle growth. It enhances insulin sensitivity through body fat reduction, allowing glucose and fatty acids to move through the muscle cell membranes, far from the fat tissues, thereby resulting in improved muscle, fat ratio.

There you go, if you follow these 5 tips, you will definitely get jacked body.


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