These are 10 grooming mistakes that most men makes

10 grooming mistakes most man makes

10 Grooming Mistakes Man Makes and How to Avoid Them

There is going to be embarrassing times if you do not see your shadows in the mirrors when you pass them – looking at how you look is important.

You may commit so grooming many mistakes that make you look highly unattractive or plainly simple, and worst part would be when you are unable to notice those mistakes. Here we have prepared a list to let you know if you have committed these blunders, please try to avoid them as much as possible:

1. Why Not Taking Care of Your Feet?

men sitting on couch with clean feet
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You should take care of your feet because your foot shows how much “hygienic” person you are.

How to Avoid It: You must follow a feet-care routine on a daily basis with these simplest steps:

  • When you are taking shower, make sure to clean your feet with skin file and feet rubber to get rid of all the dirt that somehow reaches our feet.
  • Use a good feet gel or other feet cream to make moisturized and good.
  • Cut the nails of the feet every week.

With these three simple steps, you can make your feet look good.

2. Do Not Overuse the Products

man using skin care products on face
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You should try to groom yourself, not enthusiastically announcing your grooming through sight and fragrance –there is fine line between them.

How to Avoid It: You should not overuse the grooming product. Just make an effort, and try to look good. Overusing products will not yield better results also.

3. Use the Sunscreen

man using sunscreen
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Most men avoid Sunscreen – consider it only for women. It is obvious that you are not as stronger as the sun is. So, not only women require Sunscreen in hotter months but you do too.

How to Avoid It: Apply good amount of Sunscreen when you are exposed to sunlight.

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4. Please, Forget Sunbeds

man using sunbed

Sunbeds make you look like you have just come out of the coma. Most men like their body tanned, thinking it would get them a nicer and hotter body.

How to Avoid it: With simple obvious way, do not go for sunbeds.

5. Not Spending on Haircuts

hairdresser giving haircut to man

Saving money allures almost every men – saving extra bucks for girlfriend or that game. But there is a difference why people go to high-quality and high-standard saloons than a barber’s shop.

How to Avoid It: You must book yourself an appointment of the highly professional hair salon.

6. Allowing the Dandruff to Lay There


Dandruff is the enemy of the man’s good hair looks. Good hair looks are important for men to look attractive. This is one of the gravest grooming mistakes made by men.

How to Avoid It: You should use a good anti-dandruff shampoo.

7. Use a proper face wash instead of body soap

handsome man after face wash
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Even at my own house, I have to ask the man to go and wash the face, let alone baths. Men remain out of the house most of the day, taking all the bacteria, fumes, dirt and grime on their faces.   

How to Avoid It: Take regular showers, and use face wash to clean the face.

8. Find Your Signature Perfume

men's perfume guide

You may use too many perfumes – that is not how it is done. You would smell like a shop of perfume to people around you.

How to Avoid It: Use many products, find that one enchanting smell and stick to it for a while before there is something better comes in.

9. Teeth Must Be Clean

men's teeth grooming

In taking care of face, body and hair, teeth are forgotten whereas they are as important as the eyes.

How to Avoid It: Brush your teeth twice a day.

10. Shave like a Master Shaver

man using electric shaver

The face of the man looks better because of the nice shave; poor shave will make you look like a beggar.

How to Avoid It: Learn to shave like a pro.

Conclusion: These simple grooming mistakes can spoil your overall looks. Try to avoid them, and look the handsomest.


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