This Neck Muscle Massager Will Make Your Life Much Relaxing

best neck massager to buy

The only neck muscle massager you will ever need

Are you looking for anytime, anywhere, massage, you must go foran Electric Neck massager? It wraps around your shoulders and neck. Get a massage even while you are at work or driving. It gives a real feel like some hand working on your tight muscles.

How it works

best neck muscle massager funtions exaplained
  • Electric Neck massager penetrates below the skin to 3-5 cm. The low-cycle pulse technology opens the meridians and pain points, alleviating cervical pain.
  • 3 modes of massage- Acupuncture, massage, and tap mode. There is intensity adjustment, as well.
  • There is a USB charging that shuts down after 15 minutes of power off. It is secure and safe.
  • It relaxes muscles, blood vessels, and bones. It relieves cervical pain and accelerates blood circulation.

Best features to advantage

  1. Electric Neck massager weighs 160g only that you can wear it comfortably. It features three color, white, black, and red. It is a fashionable design, suitable for any occupation, age and is relaxing on all occasions.

2. The 107 Fahrenheit penetrates your skin and deeply relaxes your neck muscles. The frequency of pulse electricity transmits to skin deep. There are simulation massages in a variety that on stimulation your cervical spine receives deep relaxation.

3. The high technology and quality make it durable. The U-shape, the soft silicone material is breathable. It is skin-friendly. It wraps close to the skin. The artery pressure is free, and it fits different neck thicknesses.

4. The battery capacity works for a long time. The 3D stainless steel metal is of high-grade featuring thermal and high electrical conductivity. 1600mAh battery has USB charging that charges for 2 hours. You can use it every day for 15 minutes of massage and enjoy it for nearly 1 month. The automatic protection of power-off is for over 15 minutes, thus there is more safety and energy saving.

5. The suspension design can float to fit neck size to suit different people’s neck curve. With wireless remote control, you can operate at any time. There is no need to adjust the levels and modes.

Electric neck massager will make your life much more relaxing even while you at work

Note: Remember to allow a 1-3 cm deviation measure due to manual measurement.


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