This USB Heating Waterproof Jacket Is A Must Have For Winter

USD heating waterproof winter jacket for men and women

Get ready for winter with this usb heating waterproof jacket

A coat can keep cold off your skin and rain off your back. However, it cannot produce heat to keep your body warm. Thus, when your body gets cold, your toes and fingers also become numb, and there is a loss of energy.

Fortunately, the heated jacket design is coming with an internal built-in heating system. In the past, these were impractical choices. Now, there are new heated jackets to face winter, which is also waterproof.  The heated jackets emit heat as required by the wearer.

Best attributes

  • The heated jacket comes in an appropriate size. If you want it a bit loose, buy one- or two-yards extra size. 
  • The USB heating waterproof jacket is good for the abdomen and back, it offers cover to the cold areas.  It features intelligent heating, a button to heat, and the temperature has three-stall control features.
  • No battery is required. Use your power bank to charge your coat, but ensure to use a 5V/2.1A USB port.  The USB interface power supply assures longer service life. The hats are removable, and the coat is washable and has anti-water splashing features.


  1. There is a Far-infrared heating sheet in carbon fiber.
  2. It features 3 adjustment levels to rule out the cold and wet body. The jacket has anti-fouling and waterproof fabric to block outdoor snow and rain. It also resists corrosion.
  3. It is simple to clean by unplugging the power supply. The heating inner piece adopts no radiation. There is a stable heat generation.

Note: If the coat is unused for a longer time, remove the power supply. Also, do not wash the heated coat with strong alkaline, washing solution, or with high temperature.

When wet, do not turn the power on. Ensure the power is off before cleaning. Allow 1-2 cm so that there is some gap. With different light and display, the actual color does not reflect.


  • Suitable for machine wash. You can hand-wash, as well. However, do not wring it while hand-wash. Remember to remove the battery.
  • The coat has premium material offering a genuine heating system. It is a must-have accessory to enjoy the warmth.
  • Uniform heating keeps you warmer on chilly days, and the lightweight design makes it a preferable choice.


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