Tom Brady’s Workout Routine For NFL Season

Tom Brady Workout Plan for NFL

Tom Brady workout plan and health routine

Tom Brady is a famous National Football League (NFL) who follows a strict fitness program and nutrition lifestyle. He is also one of the co-founders of TB12, a company which sells diet and other products that will benefit football players in different ways. Apart from that, the company also developed TB12 workout plan by both Alex and Tom. It includes resistance band training and other techniques that can promote wellness of a person significantly. At the same time, there are some tools needed for the workout plan that can help achieve the best results.

Knowing more about Tom Brady workout plan

tom brady in football field
Tom Brady in football field

TB12 workout plan requires certain types of tools for carrying out exercises with high-level comforts. Some of them include long-looped bands, short-looped bands, handle bands, door-spines and TB12 vibrating pliability device. Before starting the workout, it is necessary to focus on an active warm-up which can help stimulate the nervous system and blood flowing to a large extent. The work-out plan also emphasizes on cardio and strength combination exercises that will do major wonders.

Exercising techniques involved in the Tom Brady’s workout plan

1. Standing row

man doing standing row exercise
Image by Dr. Flex

This exercise allows a person to move his/her upper body fast. In fact, the exercise gives ways to focus more on explosiveness in upper body which ultimately help maintain the stability in lower body.

The workout uses handle looped bands which targets biceps, lower back, oblique, traps, and shoulders. It is advisable to attach the bands to a door with the door anchor at chest height. A person should stand 3 to 4 feet away from the door and keep the feet hips width apart while facing a door. He/she should position the arms by keeping the chest up and head straight. In the next step, a person should won his/her palms and pull the elbows back until when they are even with shoulders. It is advisable to keep hands in a relaxed position while performing the activity.

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2. Banded push-up

Banded push-up is a great exercise for chest that can help to get the desired outputs. In this exercise, a person should hook his/her thumbs by using a resistance band and loop the same behind the back. The next step is to assume a plank position with hands on the floor to make sure that they’re slightly wide than shoulders. It is necessary to ensure that the body should form a straight line starting from ankles to head. He/she should hold both loops under palms after assuming a push-up position.

3. Deadlift

man doing deadlift

Deadlift is one of the exercises included in Tom Brady workout plan that enables a person to gain more advantages. A person should place his/her both feet over a band and hold both sides with hands and the toes pointing forward. It is advisable for him/her to tighten the core and keep chest up. The next step is to bend the knees slightly and driving hips back. He/she should also make sure that hip backs are not lower than knees. Furthermore, it is necessary to contract the glutes by driving them forward and not leaning back.

4. Bicep Curl

man doing biceps curl exercise

Bicep Curl is one of the exercising activities included in Tom Brady’s workout program because it targets biceps and forearms effectively. The first step is to place the band on the floor and one should place his/her both feet on it with shoulder-width apart. He/she should grab the band with both hands and bring them to waist level. In the next step, a person should slowly pull the hand towards shoulders and lowering them to the starting position.

5. Deceleration lounges

A lounge is a fairly common practice followed in everyday movement and one can utilize the resistance band for meeting essential needs. In this exercise, a person should loop a long band into the carabiner and around the waist. It is advisable to step backward with one leg while facing the attachment. However, one should make sure that his/her knees barley touch the ground and step back with other leg to return to the starting position.

6. Banded shoulder press

man using shoulder press machine

This exercise aims at targeting arms and shoulders allowing a person to improve the muscle powers efficiently. A person should stand on a band and place both his/her feet on it. The next step is to pull band up with hands to shoulder height. He/she should focus more on engaging cores and glutes to make the activity a powerful one.

7. X-band Squat

X-band Squat is another exercise followed in Tom Brady’s workout that can result in more benefits. A person should place a short-looped band around legs just above the knees. He/she should step on a long band and keep both feet on the floor. Now, a person should keep knees directly over the toes and sticking butt out. In the next step, he/she should gradually lower himself/herself into a squat position and squeeze glutes accordingly.


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