Top 10 Accessories Every Man Should Have


10 Accessories Every Man Should Own-Men’s Accessories 2019

If you are a gentleman, your wardrobe needs to have a few essential accessories. It needs to reflect what type of a man you are and the kind of work ethics that you have. You are defined by what lies within your wardrobe. It is the stuffs inside a wardrobe that separate a real gentleman from the others. Know about the 10 accessories that every man needs to own in 2019 to appear stylish.

1. Watch

men's wrist watch
men’s wrist watch

It is undoubtedly the commonest and among the best accessories that a male wardrobe should have. Your wardrobe can look attractive and great with a watch. It can help you not only to keep track of time but also show your personality. It is reflective of focus and decency. When a man sports a wonderful outfit, it has to be accessorized by a watch that looks really nice.

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It goes without saying that a beautiful watch is a vital accessory for males. When you choose a watch, ensure that you consider its weight and size. Look for the hottest designs but also consider authentic mechanics, great aesthetics and a reasonable price tag.

2. Wallet

Levi's Men's Trifold Wallet
Levi’s Men’s Trifold Wallet

A wallet is undoubtedly one of those accessories that define a male. Your wardrobe can look amazing with a nice wallet. You can find a wide variety of wallets in the market, which includes leather wallets. A good wallet can keep all your identification papers safe and intact, and can also keep your money and credit card protected. With a nice wallet, you can give your outlook and image a boost.

Wallets are among the assorted leather goodies that men like to have, such as a key ring, card holder etc. These can make life easier and more convenient. The smell of a stylish leather wallet can also be great. A wallet made of genuine leather is worth the money.

3. A Tie

man with suit and tie half face
A tie

A tie should be a part of every male wardrobe. There can be various ties in the wardrobe of a gentleman. The type of a dress worn by a man is determined by the type and color of the tie that he puts on. Many men tend to wear tuxedos or suits without a bow tie or a neck tie, and it is regarded as sacrilege on the fashion front.

These types of accessories are among the easiest ways to complete a dress without trying too hard or looking overdone. These can offer a classy feel and the element of sophistication can make you feel prouder about the way you dress. People will give you more respect when they find you turning up in stylish, elegant and classy attire, maintaining and conforming to sartorial senses and dress codes.

When you pick a tie, it is essential that you avoid low-quality and cheap ties. This is because these make your dress appear cheap in terms of the looks factor. Although you need to find a tie that is priced reasonably, make sure that your choice does not appear cheap. When you add a necktie or even a bowtie to your dress, you can make it look classy and more elegant.

4. Money clip

money clip for man
money clip

This is one of the must-have accessories for men. This item lets you carry money safely, and in a well-organized manner. Whenever you travel, such a clip can help you to make an amazing impression on onlookers. In case a money clip is not there in your wardrobe, you have to buy it and add it to your wardrobe and collection of accessories.

5. Messenger bag

Men's Leather Messenger Bag
Messenger Bag

This type of bag is reflective of elegance, class and beauty. You may use such a bag for carrying valuable stuffs. With such a bag, you can make your entire collection in wardrobe look well-organized and great. You can find such types of bags in varied sizes and colors. These are great to use to carry important belongings and everyday stuffs to the workplace and back to home. Go for those that are light, weather proof and made of a kind of fabric that is durable and designed to last for a long time to come.

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6. Socks

man wearing shoes with socks on

Nice socks should be a part of every male wardrobe. Most of the men out there ignore socks and have no idea about their importance. You always need to purchase good socks to make your overall wardrobe look great. While buying socks, try to buy them in varied colors so that you can always find one that matches your outfit in a perfect way.

Ideally, you should match your socks with the pants and shoes that you wear. Your wardrobe demands a pair of expensive, classy and elegant shoes, and socks to match your footwear.

7. Scarf

man wearing a stylish scarf
man wearing a stylish scarf

Although not many males love to sport scares, these are loved by real men out there. Scarves signify beauty and decency. It is a common male perception that these are accessories to be carried by women, but that is as far from the truth as it gets. You can give your wardrobe a boost with a scarf that is of the best quality. With a nice scarf, you can keep warm at the time of winter. Scarves can keep you warm during winter, as well as make you appear stylish. It can be worn with a pea coat or a casual jacket. Scarves can be worn in many ways, and you can find out about the same from magazines or the internet to go out wearing your scarf in varied styles.

8. Belt

men's leather belt
leather belt

A nice belt is something that every man’s wardrobe needs to possess. With a superior belt, you can improve your overall outlook and appearance. A belt is similar to shoes, given that most women can tell whether a man is nice simply by taking a look at the type of belt that he sports. Buy belts in a wide range of colors, so that you can be assured of an ideal match each time you wear belts.

Although you can buy belts made of faux leather that are affordable in price tag, it is important to ensure that those look like genuine leather. With a nice leather belt, you can add a lot of spark to your personality and overall life. A classic and authentic leather belt can make you appear classy as well as add more value to your overall appearance. It is important for you to buy belts that can match your shoes.

9. Sunglasses

handsome guy wearing stylish sunglasses

It is a common perception that sunglasses only protect the eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun, and the glare of the sun rays. Actually, this eyewear has plenty of advantages for males – adding a lot of style and aesthetics to their lives. You can find many types of sunglasses today on the market, and it is important that you pick one that fits your face, complexion and personality in the best way.

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A pair of sunglasses happens to be a vital accessory, particularly in case you are a person who goes out under the sun too often. Your sunglasses can be one of your best friends. With a nice pair, you can get some usefulness. It can also add plenty of value to your complete appearance. These days, many websites that sell sunglasses online allow you to upload your own photo and try out various sunglasses from their product gallery to check which of the pairs can suit your face the best.

10. Cuff links

men's cuff link set
cufflink set

You can of course get a professional appearance with cuff links. When you sport them, people will get an idea about the type of message that you wish to convey. In other words, these are sported by males who mean business. You have to purchase cuff links that look smart and appropriate for the dresses that you wear. Get cuff links that are made of very superior materials, and choose them on the basis of the type of outfits that you put on. The types of cuff links that you purchase for your wardrobe should be determined by your personal style and the kind of outfits that you generally sport.

Even if you are a person who wears casual dresses most of the times, it can be useful for you to get a few cuff links that you can wear with formal dresses to office parties, corporate meetings and other professional ambiences. Cufflinks, along with a handkerchief, scarves and suit, can really make your style and help you to come across as a gentleman.

As Edith Head once said, “You can have whatever you want if you dress for it”, it is possible to make a very positive impression on others and get things to run your way more often when you are dressed and accessorized in the right way. It must be remembered that first impressions go a long way to create a public image, and make a perception that can last for a long time to come. The right kind of accessories can help you to ensure that.



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