Top 10 Beard Balms To Keep Your Beard Well Groomed

Top 10 Beard Balms To Keep Your Beard Well Groomed

10 best beard balms for men right now 2020

Beards need superior maintenance, or they start look like broomstick. Even if you have a shorter beard, it has to be styled, moisturized, trimmed and washed often. Although it is not necessary for you to shave, a healthy beard needs upkeep of its own. Keeping it well-shaped forms a major part of that maintenance. This is exactly where beard balms can be useful. These not just help maintain and hydrate hair, but also allow you to style them. Here are the top 10 beard balms for men that you may use now.

Bulldog Natural Beard Balm

It is the Original beard balm of Bulldog Natural Skincare, and is effective and simple in form. It can control tricky whiskers and soften them. It has a formula that can absorb quickly, and makes use of green tea, camelina oil and aloe vera. It leads to a well-nurtured and softened beard that does not cause itching to the skin beneath. It blends many natural ingredients.

Mountaineer Beard Balm

It is a strong balm that smells like the outdoors of the tough areas of West Virginia, with a blend of eucalyptus oils, fir needle and cedar wood. It can keep the skin beneath the beard soft, repair dry ends and control obstinate hairs of the beard.

Shea Moisture Beard Balm

shea moisture beard balm for men

It can control the dryness of skin and beard directly. It has oil from passion fruit (maracuja), and also comprises of nutrients and vitamins that can benefit hair and skin in many ways. The balm smells like woodsy musk, and has a masculine fragrance.

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Cremo Astonishingly Superior Beard Balm

This is an amazing balm that can trap luster and moisture, and can offer amazing results while keeping your indocile beard tamed. It comprises of essential oils and shea butter that can moisturize the skin and provide relief from irritation and itchiness. It combines lavender oils, rosemary, lemon and spearmint oils that have a clean and fresh smell, and can last throughout the day.

Old Spice Beard Balm

It is from the classic brand, Old Spice, and can transform your scruffy beard to a well-sculpted one. The balm smells clean, and has a citrus fragrance. You can feel energized and fresh throughout the day. You can shape your beard, give it proper definition and make it look amazing.

The Ladies Man Badass Beard Balm

badass beard balm

This one comprises of the best oils and butters, and boasts of the scent of vanilla and lemon in a subtle way. You would love to stroke your soft beard. It has only food-grade and organic ingredients, and you would love to use it on your face. There is a natural and light hold, and you can keep your skin underneath beard well-hydrated and tamed.

Every Man Jack Sandalwood Beard Balm

every man jack beard balm

It has a slight sandalwood fragrance, and you can smell fresh and clean. This balm has shea butter that can moisturize the skin. There are natural antiseptic qualities in tea tree oil, which can cure dandruff in beard. There are plenty of plant-based, natural and clean ingredients in the balm.

American Crew Beard Balm

american crew beard balm

The herbal balm comes from American Crew, a brand that has been offering grooming solutions for men for more than 25 years. There is shea butter and sweet almond oil that can offer the best conditioning. You can get glossy and healthy hair. It can style your beard well, and give it a great finish. It can melt easily by the warmth of your hands, and you can uniformly distribute it all through your beard to control it. It has a subtle, citrus fragrance.

Duke Cannon Supply Co Big Bourbon Beard Balm

You can easily regulate your unruly beard with this balm. It comprises of the oils of jojoba, argan and apricot kernel. There is organic cocoa butter as well as some amount of Buffalo Trace Bourbon. It mainly has an oak barrel and woodsy masculine scent. The brand has tied in with Camp Ripley personnel, and is motivated by those working at the U.S Defense Force.

Honest Amish — Heavy Duty Beard Balm


This handcrafted balm has a little thicker texture when compared to the actual formula that gives wilder beards a stronger hold. It has a blend of butters and organic oils, and can offer perfect control and conditioning to beard hairs. The balm has a subtle, crisp scent that reminds you of traditional cocktail from the old times.

A little care can go a long way to keep your beard well-groomed and well-kept, giving you a neat and proper appearance. Any of these beard balms can work wonders for your face and give facial hairs a more defined look. At the end of the day, you can be assured of an exceptional performance when you use these.


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