Top 10 exercises to tone thighs and bum


Ultimate Thighs Workout Plan for Men and Women

Staying fit and healthy is one of the major goals of every age group. There are various ways you can implement to get a fine body such as yoga, dieting, exercises etc. People usually go for the six-pack abs and forget that the base forms the most important part of their posture.

Here in this context, we are going to tell you about the top 10 exercises for your thighs to make it stronger and healthy. You can try out these 10 workouts with a healthy diet to get a fine lower body.

The list of 10 most effective thigh exercises:

1. Plyometric Squat

Squats are the most common exercises to do strengthen your thighs. Follow the steps below to do a Plyometric squat:

  1. Stand in free space with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Squat down making 90 degrees with your knees.
  3. Jump explosively and get back to your initial position.

2. Back Squats

Back squats strengthen you’re all leg muscles. It is very easy to do. You just need to place a heavy object on your back and do the regular squats.

man doing back squats
man doing back squats

3. Side Shuffle Switch

It is a fast-paced workout that can be done anywhere. You just need to stand at a particular place with arms by your side. Now shuffle to your right leg and lift your left knee. Then shuffle to your left leg and lift your right knee. Repeat the steps with maximum speed.

4. Scissor Kicks

This exercise strengthens your thighs along with your lower abs. Just lie down on a flat surface keeping your hand’s straights and your palms under your hips. Lift your right lep up and your left leg down. Alternate the legs every 30 seconds.

5. Side Kicks

This exercise is best for your thighs and hips. Lie on your left side on a flat surface with your head resting on your left hand. Now raise your right leg to your hips and kick forward and inhale. Then exhale while kicking backwards. Reverse the stance and do the kicks with left legs too.

6. Lunges

woman doing lunges

Professional trainers recommend lunges as a good exercise for building strong thighs. Stand up erect and put your right leg forward. Place your body weight of the right leg and drop the left knee to the ground. Now stand up and do it with the left leg.

7. Ballerina Plié

Do this work out for quads, abductors and hamstrings. Stand erect with your feet wider than the shoulder width and toes pointing outwards. Straight your arms in the front and do the squats. Stand up and repeat the steps. Do this workout for 1 minute. 

8. Downward dog split

This exercise works best for hamstrings, glutes and quads. Keep your palm on the floor and assume a cat pose. Your palms should be at shoulder-width apart. Inhale while extending your left leg and exhale while getting back to its position. Repeat the steps for alternate legs.

9. Single-Leg Circle

This is the easiest workout to do at home. Lie down on a flat surface with your arms resting by your side. Lift your left leg and make a circle with it in the clockwise and then in the anti-clockwise direction. Switch the legs and repeat the steps.

10. Weighted Inner-Thigh Lift

This is the regular inner thigh lift with little modification. Lie to your left side using your left elbow bent below the shoulder. Place your right hand behind the head. Extend both your legs and bend your right knee placing the right foot inside the left knee. Alternate the legs and repeat the steps. Do this exercise for 1 minute.


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