Top 10 Latest Face Mask Trends Right Now

woman wearing stylish safe face mask

The 10 Best face masks that became fashion trends

Face mask is a necessary item during this pandemic and we should all definitely wear a face mask to keep our-self and everyone else around us safe!

A face mask is necessary for everyone to get protection from potential health risks. The face masks use clothes and fabric materials allowing users to avoid infections and other problems effectively. On the other hand, not all face masks are the same and one should evaluate them before investing money. This will help a lot to choose the right product among them which gives ways to overcome unwanted problems. Nowadays, there are a variety of face masks available online enabling customers to order them depending on their choices.

Here is the list of some trendy face masks one should consider while buying new products.

1. Collina Strada

image credit: Collina Starda

Collina Strada is a leading brand that offers beautiful masks with a variety of designs. Made from deadlock materials, Collina Strada face masks come in contrasting patterns and delicate bows that improve the personal styles of a person to a large extent. They even contribute to prevent infections caused by viruses and other factors. The prices are affordable and one can buy them online at estimated budgets.

2. Madewell non-medical face masks

Madewell non-medical face masks
image by Madewell

Madewell non-medical face masks utilize leftover fabric scrap materials that come in limited colours. In fact, they allow people to use them easily that can help minimize health risks with high success rates. The masks are available in three packs enabling users to stay away from infections and other issues significantly. However, the masks are not designed for medical use purposes and one should read the description before buying them online.

3. Summer salt face masks

summer salt machine washable face masks

Summer salt face masks are machine-washable and non-medical grade products that come in 3 packs. These masks use 100% cotton and other recycled materials enabling users to prevent virus-borne diseases and other problems effectively. Moreover, they come in various sizes and one should aware of them properly while ordering online. It is a wise one to know the details of summer salt face masks before buying them.

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4. KES Sustainable washable face mask

KES Sustainable washable face mask
image by KES

KES is a reputed brand which offers masks with unisex designs with adjustable drawstring feature enabling users to fasten them as soon as possible. Furthermore, KES face masks use 100 % silk charmeuse fabric materials which fulfill the needs of users. Apart from simple white and black shades, the masks are also available in some other designs. In addition, they have efficient filtration with multiple layers letting users gain more advantages.

5. Caraa face masks

caraa face masks
image by Caraa

Caraa facemasks utilize excess fabric cuttings of Caraa bags and leftover pieces in order to reduce waste. They provide high comforts to users and are machine washable that can save time. Currently, the face masks are available in a pack with 5 products which exactly fit to a face. The breathable masks consist of a cotton interior and polyester exterior thereby showing ways to get more protection from infections and other disorders.

6. Abacaxi cotton face mask with filter pack

Abacaxi cotton face mask with filter pack
image by Abacaxi

Abacaxi cotton face masks come with double-layers that utilize 100% woven cotton materials which help prevent infections and other problems. It also includes a pocket inside a lining that provides ways to insert a filter accordingly. The elastic loops offered by the masks allow users to wrap them around their ear with ease.

7. Busk Mason Reusable Face Mask

Busk Mason Face Mask Washable
Image by Busk Mason

Busk Mason is leading clothing brand of Los-Angeles that aims at providing high-quality face masks for users with premium materials. Made from jersey cotton, the masks provide protection from viruses and other issues allowing people to lead a problem less life. Those who want to donate masks for a hospital or organization can contact the company directly to reduce expenses when ordering them.

8. Vera Bradley face mask

Vera Bradley face mask reusable
image by Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley cotton face masks are top 10 trendy face masks right now which come with dual-layer protection. Apart from that, they feature an inside slip allowing users to place a disposable filter. The elastic ear straps offered by the face mask make a person to fit them without any hassles. Also, they are non-medical products which allow users to fight against infections caused by viruses and other factors.

9. Karina Grimaldi Amanda face mask

Karina Grimaldi Amanda face mask is a double-layered product that comes with elastic ear loops and interior filter pocket with polypropylene lining. At the same time, they are not an ideal one for medical use purposes and one should wash them properly after buying the same from a store.

10. Smoko Pearl Baba Tea face mask

Smoko Pearl Baba Tea face masks
image by SMOKO

Smoko Pearl Baba Tea face masks are reusable and washable products made in the USA that come with adjustable straps. The masks even feature a wire insert allowing users to insert a replaceable filter for ensuring high-level protection. Besides that, they come with adorable fun prints that let a user get an outstanding look. It is possible to order the face masks online at the lowest prices for saving more money.


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