Top 10 Latest Sneaker Trends for Men: Stylish Sneakers 2019

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Top Rated Latest Fashion Sneakers for Men This Year(2019)

New sneakers are dropping every week, they are everywhere! It’s hard to keep track of all the latest sneaker trends, designers just won’t stop working on textile upgrades, the fashion factory is always on fire.

No matter how many fashion blogs and social media accounts you follow, spotting someone on the street wearing a pair of stylish sneakers that you haven’t seen anywhere on your favorite fashion blogs or newsletters is a normal thing now. Because the sneaker squad is working 24/7 and giving birth to new sneaker trends every other day.

trending men's sneakers 2019
trending men’s sneakers 2019

High top and low top sneakers are the all time winners of footwear trends, they are being upgraded with new designs with a mixture of tech. Last year we saw many variation of these sneakers, Gucci, Adidas, Reebok and Nike are some of the best players of 2018. Converse and Vans also made a come back with the bang, launching many stylish models of men’s chauffeur shoes and half-cab low top sneakers, they have made it clear that, they are here to stay!

Now let’s get right into the topic: What are the most popular and must-cop sneaker trends of this year?

After a little research and information from experts of fashion industry, we have put together a list of top 10 sneaker trends that are rocking it this year.

1. Classic Tennis Sneakers

Classic tennis sneakers are a huge deal these days, this 90s style made a come back last year and the force is strong with this one. You can find them everywhere, film starts, fashion icons, models, guys on the streets, everyone is killing it with these classic sneakers.

Men's classic tennis sneakers
men’s classic tennis sneakers

They look great with jeans, shorts or even with chinos. You should definitely check out the latest luxury models of these sneakers. It’s a bomb!

2. Chunky Sneakers/ Dad Shoes

Yes! Chunky sneakers are alive and kicking it in 2019 as well. They are actually old school shoes from 80s and 90s, also known as Dad shoes. Like it or not, these stylish sneakers are making a buzz around, from celebrities to sports legends everyone is adoring this footwear trend.

Puremee men's chunky sneakers
Puremee men’s chunky sneakers

3. High-Tech Sneakers

These are new popular sneakers, they were initially launched couple of years back, back then they weren’t good enough to make an impression but, the latest and modern version of these sneakers is earning popularity among men.

ONEMIX Men's Air Cushion high-tech  Sneakers

ONEMIX Men’s Air Cushion high-tech Sneakers

Adidas ultraboost and Nike AirMax are just a few examples of these powerful fashionable sneakers. I’m certain that we are going to see these sneakers a lot more in coming days, may be with more advanced tech.

4. Neon Lights Sneakers

I’m not a fan of Neon light sneakers, actually, i don’t even own a pair. However i must admit that, these sneakers are actually trending now. You might have witnessed this by yourself.

men's neon light sneakers
neon lights sneakers

There are so many different models are out this year, if you are into fancy stuff, you might want to try these pretty boys.

5. Hiker Elements

hiker element sneaker trend
Baleniciaga men’s TRIPLE S

Hiker shoes with tech detailing is on boom right now and i am pretty sure this one is going to be the biggest footwear trend of 2019. As the latest designs of these sneakers look pretty sick, very fashionable i would say.

6. High Sneaker Boots

high sneaker boots
high sneaker boots

Last year it was a storm of high buckle sneakers and now with latest upgrades, shoes designers gave birth to these amazing high sneaker boots, even though, we saw them last year as well but, they were nothing compared to the latest models of these sneakers. This is another footwear trend to keep an eye on this year.

They are available in both buckle and chunky style sneakers, these sneakers comes in many different cool designs and print. You should definitely try these stylish streetwear sneakers.

7. Modern Quick Kick Sneakers

Nike Air Huarache Running sneakers for men
Nike Air Huarache Running sneakers for men

These are basically men’s running shoes but with modern designs, which makes them multipurpose fashionable sneakers. It’s a trend on rise.

I wrote a whole article on stylish and comfortable running sneakers, you can check this out HERE.

8. Buckle-Up high Top Sneakers

Buckle Strap High Top Sneakers
Buckle Strap High Top Sneakers

These sneakers are just unstoppable, they are trending from last many years. This year we got many more designs of this old friend. I assume you already have a pair of these sneakers but if you don’t, you should really get one.

9. Converse Chuck Taylor

Converse is not just a streetwear sneaker trend, it’s an emotion. This is something we all have worn at least once in a lifetime. Converse chuck taylor launched a series of cool sneakers this year.

Converse chuck taylor sneakers
Converse chuck taylor sneakers

The old school converse sneakers just never go out of style and i believe they are not going away anytime soon because we guys are not ready to let go. Why do we? These sneakers are classy and cool, you can rock them with almost any outfit.

10. Socks Shoes Sneakers

men's socks shoes sneakers
men’s socks shoes sneakers

Last but not the least, socks shoes sneaker is one of the biggest footwear trend of 2018 and it’s still here, I’m really not a fan of these sneakers, they somehow seems strange to me but there are a lot of guys rocking it with these sneakers.

Expect a lot more designs of sock shoes sneakers this year. I will definitely dare to try this these sneakers this year and write a full review on it.


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