Top 10 latest suit trends for modern men 2020

top 10 trending suits for men

Latest suit trends for men right now: Men’s fashion

The suit is the foundation of the male costume, and you have to give it respect for that – if you believe the theory of Hardy Amies. Regardless of how you like to dress and who you are, there are those occasions when only a suit is befitting – such as your job interview, wedding day or even a day at the court. Here are 10 suits that every man needs to have in his wardrobe.

1. Navy Suit

men's modern navy blue suit

At times, the navy blazer for men is regarded as what the little black dress is for women. Nothing is more reliable and evergreen that this suit, when it comes to occasion of a more formal nature. When you wear it in a proper way, it is sure to make you look great. You may wear a simple, two-buttoned and high quality navy suit for a job interview, wedding or even to the workplace on regular days.

2. Charcoal Suit

charcoal modern man suit top 10 trending

A gray suit should be next in line, after a navy suit. A light shade would make colder seasons look like summer months, charcoal can be the best one to wear all round the year. No matter which shade you opt for, your ultimate workhorse in the wardrobe can be a plain gray suit. It can help you better than a navy suit to dress down. A navy suit, in contrast, can lend a too formal touch to a casual evening.

3. Patterned Suit

patterned modern man suit stylish

Once you have suits that come in regular colors, it is a good idea to have one with slightly more character. A patterned suit – such as striped, plaid or checked – might be another fantastic option. When compared to a solid colored suit, it can be slightly more outstanding. Keep in mind that if your suit pattern can be apparent from a distance, such as in case of a glen plaid pattern, wear solid ties and shirts.

A subtle patterned suit is what should be your choice in case you are prepared to branch out. This is a great way to add some swag to your everyday apparel without seeming as desperate for attention.

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4. Summer Suit

modern summer suit handsome man walking fashion men

If you can wear a suit during the summer months without wiping your forehead, you indeed have a good knowledge of fabrics and colors. It can go a long way to help you dress well for any occasion. There are plenty of bright shades and lightweight materials that you can find. However, for your first ever summer suit, choose one that is unlined or half-lined and constructed out of beige, blue or light gray linen or cotton or wool. It can make you look smart throughout the year, and make you feel comfortable as if you are in shorts and tees.

5. Dinner Suit / Tux

men's dinner suit tux

If you do not win awards a lot or lack the deep pockets to be in creamy social circles, you are unlikely to be invited to black-tie events quite a few times annually. However, when you are invited to one, it is important to be on-point as far as fashion goes. Spare no effort to look your very best, and get dressed in a tux – a tradition that has been in custom for many centuries. Do not make the mistake of wearing a dark suit or black suit at a black tie event and hope to get away with it. The best option for you is to buy a dinner suit in plain black color of your own, and adjust it properly in order to get the best fit.

6. Bold Double-Breasted Suit

It is meant to create a robust style statement. You can pair this type of suit with classic and subtle ties and shirt. A double breasted suit projects confidence and power. Wear it and you can stand out at any type of event.

7. Black Suit

modern man black suit stylish

No male wardrobe is complete without it. The more formal the event is, the darker that the suit shade has to be. A black suit is ideal for occasions of a more formal nature. These are most appropriate for black tie events, weddings and funerals. You need to avoid wearing black suits to the office or for events associated to business, as it might be regarded by others as an unfledged choice.

8. Formal Office Suit

men's modern office suit style trending

In case you are in the corporate sector, you would need a suit that can help you to make the right impression in your workplace. Choose a suit that makes you feel comfortable, and looks slick and sharp. It is essential for you to change your office suit style regimen, and wear something that makes you look attractive and fresh.

9. Khaki Suit

khaki modern man suit latest trend man

This is more of a fun suit which is ideal for the summer or spring months, but you can wear them all through the year. Based on how you wish to style your suit, you can make it formal or for relaxed and informal settings. There is no need for you to wear any special shirt or shoes along with it. You can simply wear the tees and shoes that you love, and get going.

10. Classic All-Rounder Suit

classic all rounder men's suit trends

It is important to have a particular suit for every specific occasion. That said, the all-rounder suit is a solid choice and a must-have for every male wardrobe. This is the go-to option when it comes to sartorial choices, and when you need to change your appearance with only a few small adjustments. This suit can adapt to any situation in any number of ways.

When it comes to suits, you need to be also particular about the type of fabric that you opt for. Cotton, Silk, Linen, Cashmere and Wool are the top 5 types of materials that go into the construction of suits. When you focus on the type of suit fabric that you go for, you can be quite assured of getting high quality suits that can feel amazing on the skin and last for a long time to come.


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